Help? Epistane + Trenabol stack cycle

  1. Help? Epistane + Trenabol stack cycle

    Hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new to this and i have only ran 1 cycle before of havoc that went well. Now i'm planning on starting a Trenabol and Epistane cycle (i think it is called a spawn cycle) and i had some questions as to how to run this stack as it is my first. I am prone to gyno and i am trying to run this getting the most lean gains out of it with the minimal/no side effects. The Trenabol i have are 40mg pills and the epistane i want to take are 10mg. Can anyone help me dose this if i wanted to stack it? Also, what would be best for PCT? SERM or AI? I know some of these questions may be stupid but like i said i am fairly new to this! Any help would be appreciated!


  2. With Tren being Gyno prone isnt the best idea. Because the gyno related sides are common with Tren. Your going to want Clomid as a serm. Its better suited for proglastic(sp) type sh!t.

    Run Vitex, P5P, B6 on cycle to prevent gyno issues but also have clomid on hand if things get bad.

    Is there any reason why you picked these compounds?? Maybe try something milder like H drol??

    For other PCT stuff i would add Inhibit E, Anabolic Innov PCT support, Hypertest/Hardcore test.

    If you do some research you will learn alot. Search the compounds on google

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