Testosterone Enanthate Cycle-QUESTIONS

  1. Testosterone Enanthate Cycle-QUESTIONS

    I am going to do a test-enanthate cycle.

    I have read so many websites/forums and posts that all have the same general criteria for this cycle, but no exacting information.

    Do i need to take nolva or an anti-estro while on the testosterone cycle?
    Should i use BOTH nolva and clomid during the pct, or just one of the 2?

    would this be appropriate:

    -10 weeks Test-Enan 250mg weekly
    -starting 2nd to last week of cycle-
    HCG- 500iu 2x per week-4 weeks
    -starting 1 week after last injection-
    Nolvadex 40/30/20/10 (4weeks)

    any suggestions?

  2. -I definitely wouldn't run it any shorter. Maybe bump to 12 weeks
    -The dose is pretty low. Most people start with 500mg minimum
    -HCG is not absolutely needed but is certainly a plus. I would start sooner though.
    Weeks 3/4-12 @ 500iu's 2xWeek and stop when you stop the test. (hcg can be
    suppressive itself and that is not good during PCT. You want YOUR natural HPTA to
    -Nolva or Clomid. I wouldn't run both. Most people will tell you the same. Don't need to run them together. Nolva is stronger mg per mg so that's what I like.

  3. Wouldn't add in HCG.. IMO

  4. I appreciate the inputs!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Wouldn't add in HCG.. IMO
    dont see any sane or logical reason why he shouldnt.

  6. and about the nolva/arimidex while on the TEST-cycle?

    should i take it while on the cycle, i've read test enanthate causes high estro levels?

  7. The problem is the estrogen spillover .. It can happen a little easier from longer ester tests. But everyone is affected differently. The first line of defense against bloat or cutting down estrogen on cycle is usually A-dex. Then Nolva if you're developing gyno.

  8. dosage of a-dex..if need be? mg/ml for liquid?

  9. I would start with .25mg It's often found in concentrations of 1mg/mL so you want a
    1/4 mL. If that's not strong enough up to .5mg. Most people I've seen find this an effective dose.

  10. .25 EOD or even E3D

  11. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Wouldn't add in HCG.. IMO
    Why no hcg? He might like his balls.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by WarMachine000 View Post
    Why no hcg? He might like his balls.
    Because obviously the person who posted that shining bit of advice has no freaking clue what hes talking about

  13. hey, thank you for everyone's advice.

    very helpful..i'll be keeping everyone posted on how the cycle goes


  14. I'm on Test-E 250mg a week, however This is the 2nd week on my first cycle and i feel great strength is up more energy the only thing is my butt cheek is killing me I geuss this is normal. Also I'm right handed and I had a hard time shooting the left cheek any quick ideas for easier administering. can someone also help find syringes i need moore.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by MrRobRage View Post
    Because obviously the person who posted that shining bit of advice has no freaking clue what hes talking about
    Actually, I know exactly what im talking about, and anyone that knew anything about aas usage knows that you can recover just fine from a 10 week test cycle without hcg. In fact, im recovered from a test/deca 12 weeker without the use of HCG on cycle. Sure, it will help you recover faster if your on hcg on cycle, but I recovered fast enough without the use of HCG.. Not needed in most cycles IMO...

  16. what was your pct.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jonBjonB View Post
    what was your pct.

  18. If you can get HCG use it. Better Recovery and Ya might not lose ya balls. HCG is cheap and great, why not use it. Be as safe as you can be.

  19. How much hcg would you need to get for a 10 week cycle as my source has now got some of this and might add it in



  20. Thanks Boss. I only have 2 gages left and I got those from a friend and he is out. I don"t want to use the same gage everytime. That can't be safe right?

  21. ok so HcG is better. Can I use the drops cause I sure hope u're not talking about injections, it's enough just doing the regular Test once a week. I'ma Tough"ee, But Damn.

  22. Ok help me out here I did some, well alittle research and it says that Hcg will assist in losing weight. I don't want to loose any weight.

  23. No real need for HCG with a cycle this short. Sure it would be helpful, but so would 4 weeks of dbol. Needed however? No.

    Adex - do you need it? You may not. Hold on to it and if you start seeing some symptoms, use then. No need to jump in to this **** throwing everything at the wall and hoping for something to stick.

    PCT - nolva will be all you need, this isn't a crazy cycle by any means. this game is a learning process. you won't learn what's needed and what isn't if you're using them all at once.

    Just my 2ml's.

  24. I want bigger legs can someone give me a good workout plan for legs.

  25. Do (2) 250mg injections a week for 12 weeks.


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