how does this look

  1. how does this look

    This is my planned cutter for this summer. advice/comments welcome please.

    weeks 1-6
    4AD transdermal 300mg/week
    1,4-andro oral 400mg/ED

    weeks 1-2
    M-1-T 5mg ED

    weeks 5-6
    M-1-T 5mg ED

    weeks 1-2
    Nolvadex 40mg/ED
    Clen 20-80mcg/ED (taper method)

    weeks 3-4
    Nolvadex 20mg/ED

    calories...maintenance, keeping protein @ 200-225 daily

    cardio...3x's week 20-25mins, walking at moderate to brisk pace varied inclines

    weights...4x's week using supersets, 60-75 second rest between sets

    goal...looking to recomp. @ 11% now looking to get to 8%. No desire for water bloat

    Is this enough 4AD to maintain libido and sanity while running the other more suppressive compounds?

    Does the PCT look right? Since 1,4 andro takes longer to "kick in", wouldn't it also stay in the body longer? If so what effect does it have on PCT since i'd be running it (PCT) while the compound (1,4-andro)was still active in my body?

    Thanks guys

  2. anyone?

  3. Ok bro, I see you are mixing hardcore drugs(Clenbuterol) with non-so hardcore drugs(4AD, 1,4andro) I can see that by using these two your are trying to mimic/obtain results that you would get from Test and EQ, right? Clen is not to be taken ligthly.
    I do believe in M1T though, so I feel you may want to up your dose on the 4AD if that is what you want to use. Better yet I would say that Hydroxy test is even a better choice, is more expensive but I've read it has antiestrogenic properties plus all the anabolic properties of Test with no so much of the androgenic sides. Trust me I've done all pro-hormones...maybe 5 or 6 years and always got nothing but sides little positives results, couldn't even finish my cycles. I guess it affects us all in different ways. Now that I tried test, Eq and others, I was fortunate not to have any sides if so very minimal, andro always gave bad acne, test does not.
    it all depends on your age too bro, I started ASS when I was 28 years old(2 years ago) I would NOT recomend anyone younger than 24 years old to use ASS, why...simply they do not need it just yet.
    I'd say increase your 4AD to 800mg-1000mg/week and 600-800mg/week of the 1,4andro(EQ pre-cursor)...M1T, I'd say becareful not to take much is good **** but the sides are very bad, I'd rather do some real Dbol. As far as your PCT Nolva and Clomid are a must! 3 weeks of Clomid and 4 weeks of Nolva. Take a multivitamin-mineral, antioxidants, B5, Omegas3(plenty) and some type of liver care supp.
    Good Luck!

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