Need PH Cycle Feedback and Questions

  1. Need PH Cycle Feedback and Questions

    Planning to run a cycle with Finaflex Ripped and I'm pretty sure I have everything I need but still had a few questions and needed some feedback from some people that have gone a few rounds.

    Finaflex Ripped by Redefine Nutrition- Oral 30 day cycle. (Starting with 1 pill a day for first few days then upping to 2 pills a day til done).

    Cycle Assist by Competitive Edge Labs - All in one supp. for milk thistle and misc items for a cycle. Have enough all the way through PCT. Preloading for 2 weeks to help bolster system and prep for cycle.

    PCT Assist by Competitive Edge Labs - Help with PCT to boost natural test lvls with misc ingredients.

    Nolvadex - Using as my actual PCT. Have seen everywhere about dosing 40/40/20/20 but was thinking of breaking it down 40/30/20/10 to work the body off of it even smoother.

    Was looking to see if this looks solid for a cycle or if I should change anything.
    1)Does the PCT always run 40/40/20/20 or is the 2nd way an option?
    2)Do I need an AI for during cycle? Been going over logs and websites for a few hours but nothing really definitive about it. Need first hand experience and feedback.

  2. So finished up doing some research and decided to change the SERM to clomid since nolvadex is a bad choice for anything with tren due to progesterone. Also have an AI just for the end of the PCT just to be safe. Trying to cover everything to have a solid cycle with a strong PCT to retain/recover as best as possible. Was thinking of dosing the clomid 75/50/25/25 or 50/50/25/25.

    Still looking to get some feedback/input from anyone on the cycle and dosing. Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. I am stacking halo and tren soon, Ive researched for 2wks. You should google the compound. You'll find endless threads from 07,08, and a few 09's.

    First, with tren you want some anti gyno stuff. Vitex, P5P, I-Dope, B-6. These will prevent flareups. Run 2 or 3 on cycle. 2 doses daily. If something really goes wrong stop the tren and stick with Clomid.

    Next your joints are going to take a beating. You want something during cycle and for PCT. I got 2 cans of Animal Flex, but there are lots of formula's you can pick from.

    Third, you dont have any healthy fats listed?? I would do fish/flax oil as a min. but a omega 3-6-9 complex would be good.

    Last, tren is going to make your two friends downstairs stop producing T. If you want things to work as normal you should use a natural booster like Tribulus or a basic T booster.

    I have all my stuff on a table in my place and I have 30 bottle of sh!t!!, tren is tough on the body. Make sure you use the proper support. goodluck

  4. forgot, dose the clomid 50/50/50/50 and also pick up taurine if your getting back pumps.

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