New Guy needs info from the Masters

  1. New Guy needs info from the Masters

    Hey All I'm posting this up in hope that I can receive some major info in regards to a nolva cycle. I rather go right to the horse's mouth an find out the how to's and what not's in regards to the product itself (if you know what I mean). Anyway in regards to this post and any info you may send my way, I need clarification on a site I was given from a friend of mine over on another site just to make sure that the site is legit (which i'll pm you) rather than some crap site that instead of nolva being sent, its a vile of sugar and water mixed together. I did a cycle way back of M-drol which caused a slight misshap of gyno (which only appeared on one side of my chest and not the other), I know I should of had nolva on hand but when being new to the world of PH I picked up novadex xt and...well..the outcome is what I have. Now it's not monster full tit hanging gyno, it's just like my nip points out a bit through my tank and I feel a sort of hard quarter like disc behind it. My friends tell me (including my girl), that its hardly noticeable but Idc I rather get rid of it then just not care about it and reap the consequences later. I apologize i'm just blabbing about, I just need to find out a good dosage on how I should take it. An if the site is legit. Sorry for the long post. I will REP Back

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