anavar lab real or fake please help

  1. anavar lab real or fake please help

    posted a few weeks back about my var/test e cycle i might be doing, i get all my gear from a good friend who always comes through w legit stuff, got a real good price on some homebrew var, 20mgs/capsule, 80 capsules/bottle, i trust my boy, and hes run it himself and said it was great but he stacked it w a **** load of test so idk if he really felt it or if it was just the test lol, if anyone knows please lemme know if this stuffs good, or where i might be able to bring it to get it tested

  2. edit the lab out thats not allowed here. never heard of it

  3. how am i supposed to ask about a lab if i cant say the name? i thought it might be a problem to mention it but idk how else to go about it

  4. You cant ask about sources "openly"..

  5. so i gotta do it "private"?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by l3lairf0urn3y View Post
    so i gotta do it "private"?
    Uhh, I didn't say "that"... haha..

  7. hah gotcha thanks


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