Former steroid user ask for info

  1. Former steroid user ask for info

    well first off this is just the sight I needed to find. I once was a juicer, nothing wrong with it in my book but now that I have a family I feel they must come first. The risk are high and I didnt want to put my family in harms way. So for the past few years I have trained naturally. I never thought that pro hormones could be effective. I tried a few bottles of andro when it first came out and it didnt do anything. But with a background in chemistry and biology I see how the delivery process could be a key. I am looking to try some 1test and 4ad. Maybe some other stuff if you have any suggestions. I am 5'10", 240, 17% bf. I spent a few months out of the gym and put on some fat over the holidays. I just started some sodium usniate and eca stack. Let me know what a good cycle would be for me to use. I will be lowering bf to around 10-12% and would like to be as big as possible, of course I gues everyone does. So give me some advice. Also do you guys sell a version of yohimburn?

  2. Obviously your nutrition comes first, but I wont go into that since you asked for a good PH cycle. You sound like a prime candidate for a 1-T stack. Get you BF down and do a 1-T bulking stack. Now I know a lot of guys around here use 1-T for cutting rather than bulking because the lowered amount of 1-test, but I think a person not so lean (not knocking you by any means) could use this to bulk with. The lowered water rentention combined with a lean bulking diet around 200 calories over your BMR, a couple days of light cardio and given a couple other factors (training and rest) I think it would make for an interesting bulking stack...Im not the PH expert around here by any means, so maybe some of the other guys can chime in also.....

  3. thanks for the insight. I know about diet and cardio. I might have shot a little high on bf% I guess. Top abs are still visible so I guess I might be around 13%-15%. What is a godd dosage to go by on 1test

  4. Unfortunately YJ I have to dissagree. 1-t is mostly 4-ad which will give you water weight and most likly some BF increase. BY using the t1-pro you can gain lean body mass. The inherant properties of 1-test is that it helps lose BF while putting on LBM... I would suggest using the t1-pro at the moderate dosage to start with. you should notice a BF decrease while a total weight increase.. Hope that helps.. BUT if you want to bulk listen to YJ... T1 is good for mass. Talk to ya..  
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  5. 1-test is the ticket for lean mass gains, while 4-AD gives the explosive size and strength gains. But these gains are often hard to retain at the end of the cycle, as much of your newly acquired size is due to water retention. Still, about half of what you gain from 4-AD will be retained with proper post-diet nutrition and training. I personally like the 4-AD.

  6. Thats why you combine then for the best of both worlds. T1-pro has 10g 1-test and 5g 4-ad.. Talkto ya
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  7. thanks for all the info bro's. What is considered to be average doses


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