180 lbs at 14% bf
have been training for the past 1 1/2 yrs (was previously 200 lbs at 19%)

aim is fat loss and to get bf down to 10% so I'll be doing 2 cycles of clen.

1st cycle:
Day1: 20mcg
Day2: 40mcg
Day3: 60mcg
Day4: 80mcg
Day5: 80mcg
Day6-Day12: 100mcg
Day13: 80 mcg
Day14: 60 mcg

2nd cycle:
Day1: 60mcg
Day2: 80mcg
Day3: 80mcg
Day4: 100mcg
Day5: 100mcg
Day6-Day12: 120mcg
Day13: 100 mcg
Day14: 80 mcgs

I'll be taking it in the morning w/breakfast.

I'll make sure to take at least 4g of taurine and 400mg of potassium daily. Any particular time I should take these ?

On my 2 weeks off before the 2nd cycle starts, I was thinking of taking yohimbine. Can anyone recommend what dosage would be good?

I'm not stacking clen with anything else (eg. T3,etc). I think it should be alright on its own with the yohimbine on the off weeks.

Anything else I need to keep in mind?