am worried could u help me guys on my testosterone cycle please!

  1. am worried could u help me guys on my testosterone cycle please!

    hey guys am on testesterone enthante (cidoteston 250mg) pack of 25ml and sustanon 250mg: (30mg testesterone propionate ,60mg testesterone phynyle ,60mg testesterone isocarpoate ,100mg testosterone decanoate) 2 vials of pregnyl 5000iu a pack of 11 ml total 35ml

    1stweek i took 1 ml X3 a weeks
    2nd week 2ml X3 day a week
    3rd week 2ml X3 a week
    1vial pregnyl 5000iu
    i will continue 2ml X3 a week till the end of the pack and i will end my cycle with the 2nd pregnyl 5000 iu vial

    am 17 years old
    this is my first cycle am worried about my sexual vital health as people go around telling mee that my sperm count will run to zero and i wont be able to have a baby and stuff could anybody tell me should i worry or not and when will the steroid go away from my body cause my personal trainer who made me that cycle isnt helpful at all thnx guys " should i runn off the cycle ?

  2. Your 17!!!!!! NO STERIODS FOR U!!!! Dumbest idea!!! Your test levels are the highest they EVER will be. Playing with these levels are your age is stupid and can lead to serious problems later in life.

  3. Your 17 and your personal trainer told u to take roids?!?!? Get a NEW trainer!!!

  4. I'm going to tattle and tell your mommy what you did

    And I hope your scared because you are messing yourself up, idiot

  5. should i stop the cycle ??!!! seriouslyyyy guyss ! its really worrying mee i can continue until i finish my 35 ml pack and not get involved with steroids again ?! so wat should i do

  6. Pray u have screwed yourself for the rest of your life! At ur age homones are nothing to mess with...

  7. yes stop the cycle u f ucking dumbass.

    1ml = 250mg and ur taking 2ml 3x per ur taking 1500mg per week?

    wow....STRONG fail, see a doctor as soon as possible

  8. You're way too young to be getting into any of this and also too young for these discussions on this forum.


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