P-plex/H-drol diet...anyone with A LOT of time on their hands

  1. P-plex/H-drol diet...anyone with A LOT of time on their hands

    Hey guys. I am getting ready to start my 2nd ever cycle of ph/ds (whatever you want to call them), and need some help on what to do with my diet. I want to put on size and some weight, but my main concern is strength. For years now i have been eating a lot trainging hard and have kind of plateaued this last couple of months, thats why i turned to ph/ds's. My upcoming cycle is going to be a p-plex/h-drol stack. and i need some input as to what are the best things to eat, how much protein to take in, fat, carbs etc etc etc.
    Stats: 24 yo, 168-172, ~10% bf. about 2 years on and off lifting, and last 3 years been training pretty hard. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

  2. If you don't know this then you are not ready for steroids/phs. This is why u have plateaued. But any way I shall help. This is what I have found works fir me when trying to add size. But what works for me might not work for u. You must learn how ur body reacts and what nutrient breakdown u need for optimal growth.

    Say u want to get to 185lbs
    since I gave a relative fast metabolism I multiply my goal weight by 20
    185x20= 3700 cals per day
    I like a p/c/f ratio of 45/35/20

    3700x.45= 1665/4= 416.25g protein/7 meals= 60g per meal
    3700x.35= 1295/4= 323.75g carbs/6 meals= 55g
    3700x.20= 740/9= 82.22g fat/6 meals= 14g

    so for all meals except postworkout or prebed u want a 60g protein, 55g carbs and 14g fat... Postworkout in your shake no fat, then prebed meal not carbs

    now comes ur part. Get a food log going along with a digital scale to weigh all your food.
    For protein use chiecken, tuna, salmon, tilapia, lean beef
    carbs whole wheat bread, sweet potatos, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta
    fats peanuts, almonds, walnuts, mac nut oil, avacodos, fat in egg yolks or in meat

    your job is to determine how much of these to meet ur meal requirements.

    But like I said this works for me and keeps me fairly lean when bulking but ur body my be different. It's trial and error.

  3. Ohh yes and once a wk u get a cheat meal... It's the same day of each wk. But eat whatever u want and how much u want!!! This keeps u going on the diet. If u want an appitizer, main course and dessert. Like I said have fun.

  4. thanks for your help...i will definatley start a log of my diet now. maybe i will post it up after i get it going and have a routine goin.

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