critique my critique my strength cycle without too much weight gain

  1. critique my critique my strength cycle without too much weight gain to begin with ,iam an athlete and i want strength andfast action steroids cause i am drug is my strength cycle:
    week 1-6 testosterone propionate 300 mg/week
    week 1-6 anavar 30 mg day
    week 1-6 halotestin 15-20 mg day
    hcg 5000 u every 5 days for 3 weeks
    clomid 300mg first day and 100 the other 6 weeks
    nolva 80 mg first day then 40 for 6 weeks
    during the cycle i will consider to take arimidex or aromasin
    my object is to gain maximum strength without takin more than 3-4 diet will be in check for this reason.

  2. anavar dose is way too low, a man wont get much of anything at that dose, id suggest 50-60mg ed. and halo for 6 weeks? have u ever run this before?...its one of the most liver toxic oral steroids...most wont run it but 3-4 weeks.

    PCT doses are also crazy high, u dont need over 50mg clomid ed and 20mg nolva.

    what is ur cycle history?

  3. Keep the hcg out of PCT, quit using it 4 days prior to pct.

    and ya, pct clomi/nolva doses are insanely high. 50mgs clomi 4 weeks is good
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  4. i would like to take the advantage of halo's as it strengthens you mostly via nervous system stimulation cause it ishighly for anavar it strengthens you via phosphocreatin path,and has a small effect on cns these two coumpounds must be in the cycle.pct doses are too high but i would like to solidify my gains.but i think i will reduse clomid and nolva.

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