Deca/Test E Cycle begun with anavar

  1. Deca/Test E Cycle begun with anavar

    let me start saying this is my second cycle. im starting anavar 50mg tabs e/d for 4 wks. then i was thinking of running a similar cycle. test e and deca. i got a 10ml vial of deca 300 and 2 10 ml vials of test 300. i was going to run 300 deca and 600 test e. with arimidex .5 eod. and for pct i got hcg and clomid...

    there was speculation in here about possibly starting on a higher dose of deca initially and that doesn't sound like a bad idea to me especially since i would be cutting it off about 2 weeks prior to the end of the test on my cycle.

    anyone have a recommendation for me as to how i should run this cycle?

    im 155 lbs, 5'3", 15 BF... i'm doing my best to stick to my diet right now and have been getting better at it. and am going to be doing a lot of cardio while i do the anavar to hopefully get some good results before i start bulking on the deca/test in 4 wks.

    what ya'll think?

  2. oh and ill update this on my progress. i started the anavar today.

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