On The Road To Summer Leanness (HDrol++ Cutting Log)

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  1. On The Road To Summer Leanness (HDrol++ Cutting Log)

    The Stats:

    24 years old
    262 lbs (somewhere between 15 and 20% bf)
    My size 36 waist pants are getting quite snug, which means it is cutting time.

    Bench: 335
    Dead: 505
    Squat: 455

    Additional background:

    4 years lifting, lately have made good gains with DC and a modified westside template. 1 previous cycle on epistane 20/30/30/40, 1 year ago. Weight from 226->252 (dirty bulk, coming off a cut)

    I ran a formestane TD bridge and had some minor gyno issues, ran a standalone cycle of nolva to clear it up (successful). I had 2 injuries this past year, a sports hernia and a strained ab that cost me 2 months of training. I've been smashing it in the gym the past 2 months with some of my best natural gains, but I've finally started to plateau. TIME FOR A CYCLE. My supp cabinet has been so underutilized lately.

    The Goal:

    Make these size 36 pants loose. It's a cut, but nothing too extreme. I don't function well trying to lose more than 2 lbs a week. Just gonna clean up my diet and add in cardio and walks, which I don't really do now. Activity and food of note will be logged here.

    The Cycle:

    CEL HD-50 - Halodrol. The base. Main driver of body recomp effects for the cycle. Converts to Turinabol at about 5% of dose. Ramping up to 75/75/75/75/75

    Grapefruit Juice
    - Inhibits CYP450 - should keep the active form around longer and let more of the Halodrol be converted to

    P-liver, CEL Cycle Assist - To control liver function and blood pressure, in the case of Cycle Assist

    Forskolin - cAMP stimulator, have some on hand. Helps liberate fat. Will try to run in 2 week cycles, have heard resistance occurs. Week 1 and 2, then maybe again 5-6.

    - Increases androgen receptor density (probably not needed towards the end of cycles) ~1g doses a few times a day

    EGCG (Green Tea Extract) - Increases metabolism, appears to bias towards fat loss. 1.5g/day

    Raspberry Ketones - Non-Stimulant Thermogenic...Maybe. Will be thrown into shakes occasionally: 200-400mg when I remember

    Resveratrol - I'm dumping a pill of Resveratrol in a bottle of water. I'm going to try to do a minor hit of buccal resveratrol throughout the cycle to keep my HPTA high.

    Yellow Gold
    - Glut4 translocator increased carb uptake into muscle. Dosed ~1g around major carb meals and cheat days.

    Taurine: In case of back pumps (increased blood volume straining kidneys physically).


    Vitamin D - 2000IU
    Fish Oil - 5-10 caps/day
    Multivitamin - occasionally to stave off deficiency
    Zinc picolinate - 1 pill/day at night
    Only minor use of creatine for this cycle. ~3g postworkouts

    I have various protein supps.

    The Training:

    Walks on my lunch break at work for low impact cardio
    3 lifting days - full template to be laid out later. Inspired by EDT by Charles Staley. 5/3/1 for heavy lifts -> http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...hp?t=112382761
    2 HIIT days - elliptical, maybe some p90x vids if I feel like it.
    Weekends "off"

    The PCT:

    Nolva (I didn't like Torem) 40/20/10/10
    Lean Extreme Dosed as per bottle starting after 2 weeks
    PCT Assist dosed as per bottle
    Fenugreek on hand for libido
    Taurine to combat nolvadex hepatotoxicity

  2. reserved 1

  3. Grapefruit rationale: The relevance of this publication for chemical athletes is that certain oral anabolic steroids are also broken down by CYP3A4. In the mid nineties doping hunter Wilhelm Schaenzer published a study on beta-hydroxylation of testosterone, boldenon, methyltestosterone, halotestin, dianabol and turinabol, which had been administered orally to the test subjects.

    Schaenzer examined the metabolites in the urine of his human test subjects. He discovered that the 6beta-hydroxylation of boldenone, testosterone and methyltestosterone was negligible, but was important for the breakdown of turinabol, dianabol and halotestin. Between 17 and 46 percent of these hormones leave the body in the 6beta-hydroxylated form.

  4. Day 1

    Supplements: Nothing noted yet. Grapefruit juice not here yet. Ate clean (turkey and lentils, omelet, protein supplements, some cheese)

    Took a 30min walk at lunch

    Bench Day

    5/3/1 Week 1 - 5 @ 260, 275, 290

    EDT PR ZONE - 15 minutes - sets of 5, alternating exercise

    BB Bench 225 - 35 reps
    BB Row 185 - 38 reps

    EDT PR ZONE - 12 minutes

    BB curl - 90lbs - 33
    CGBP -205lbs- 24

  5. Day 2

    Supplements: Nothing noted yet. Maybe a pick-me up from the quercetin absorbing through the mouth lining with the resveratrol? Grapefruit juice not here yet. Ate clean (chicken and sweet potato, banana, omelet, protein supplements, some cheese)

    Took a 35min walk at lunch

    Military Press Day

    5/3/1 Week 1 - 5 @ 180, 190, 200 (failed to lock the last one out in strict form, No carbs preworkout was a killer)

    30 minutes HIIT - 323 calories burnt on elliptical. Yes, I'm awful at cardio for now. I thought maybe I felt some...UNNATURAL endurance in the middle, which I'm not used to. Running out to get my grapefruit juice and bumping the halo dose to 75mg soon.
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  6. While I'm at work, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share what I was doing before on a natural bulk, which was one of the most effective periods of my training career.

    Preworkout Mix: 50g Protein, 70g WMS, 5g glycerol, 32oz water (yea, thin), 100mg caffeine, 1 geranium extract pill, ~3g AAKG (stims optional, I don't use AAKG unless I'm trying to counter the vasoconstriction). I can't recommend glycerol enough. It's cheap and with adequate hydration gives pumps in excess of anything I've used. Maybe even epistane.

    Training Scheme:
    Quote Originally Posted by Maple Training
    Heavy days: 4+ Reps, 3-4 sets
    Volume days: 10+ reps, 3-4 sets
    Progression via loading increase on each success

    Each day includes a non-metabolic work giant set: biceps, triceps, calves, and abs
    done back to back to back to back

    MON: Heavy Chest + Back
    BB Bench Press
    Vertical pull
    DB press (incline)

    TUES: Volume Legs + Shoulders
    Military press variant
    Heavy shrugs/rhomboid press


    THURS: Light Chest + Back
    Press (Incline or HS)
    Pendlay Row
    Deads (Can sub cleans)

    FRI: Heavy Legs + Shoulders
    Military press variant
    Lunges/SLDL/Good Mornings
    Front Raise/Vert rows/Vertical Pull

    Post Workout: 32oz chocolate milk + 5g creatine. It was so simple. Milk is high in carbs and quality protein, fast and slow absorbing, and is one of the most insulogenic foods available. If you aren't LI, try this for a while. It's cheap and delicious, too!
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  7. Sub'd

    for a guy ur size isn't the dosing kinda low?

    I'm gonna start my Hdrol next wk, & was gonna do 50/75/75/75/75...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by rush808 View Post
    for a guy ur size isn't the dosing kinda low?
    Maybe - I have a few bottles of Epi to stack with it if desired, and I could always throw a low dose superdrol or more halo on top the last 3 weeks depending on how I react. Halodrol inhibits SHBG significantly, so it should stack very well. I also tend to think that people taking very high doses (I've seen halo up to 225mg ) are at some level of receptor saturation. I'm taking L-carnitine L-tartrate to try and bump that up.

    The other factor is the grapefruit juice - We know that it will provide some bump (17-46% bump on a 75mg dose is equivalent to 90-110mg without CYP450 enzyme group inhibition) to the active (Turinabol) metabolite. However, with a prohormone, the effect may be doubly potent, since the original compound:

    1. Likely has some anabolic/androgenic effects given mg for mg halodrol experiences

    2. Sticks around longer to convert into the more potent Turinabol form.

    The decision will be made around week 3 based on shutdown level, sides, and gains. I'm fine with running a mild cycle for a cut, and saving the really intense stuff for a bulker.
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  9. Took another walk at lunch

    Day 3 - Squats

    Took 100mg caffeine, ~40g protein, some glycerol before the gym. Also held my resveratrol quercetin mix in my mouth for about 5 minutes. Seemed to pick me up well after a nap....could be something to that!

    Hit depth well on all of these. Hips below knees.

    5 @ 305
    5 @ 325
    [email protected] 355

    EDT PR ZONE 1 -15 minutes, sets of 5

    Smith squats @ 315 - 35
    Ham curl at 170 - 35

    EDT PR ZONE 2 - 12 minutes, sets of 5
    Smith machine shrugs - 30 @ 405 - did these with a prone grip, diggin em.
    Smith machine explosive calves @ 405 - Wow, I like these a lot. Something with the positioning of the feet, or thinking of jumping or something makes them really seem effective
    Serratus sit up w/ 35lb dbs sets of 10, 60 total - http://www.straighttothebar.com/2006...us_crunch.html
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  10. soo how are u dosing your Grapefruit juice?

  11. ~6oz daily in the morning to start. The inhibition effect appears to build up in the body - 33% is retained after 24 hours, so after a few days I should be fully inhibited 24/7.

    EDIT: Looked into this, the effect is intestinal, so take the juice WITH the drug. "The interaction caused by grapefruit compounds lasts for up to 24 hours and its effect is the greatest when the juice is ingested with the drug or up to 4 hours before the drug. [15]"

    Suggestions for stackers w/ Halo I'm also open to.
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  12. Turns out quercetin inhibits those same enzymes - I'll need to be careful.

    "Quercetin is also a potent inhibitor of CYP3A4[30] and CYP2C9[31], which are enzymes that break down most drugs in the body. As such, quercetin would be expected to increase serum levels, and therefore effects, of drugs metabolized by this enzyme."
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  13. Day 4

    EDT PR Zone
    Military Press -51 reps @ 155
    Lat pulldown - 44 reps @ 190

    20 minutes of HIIT - 200 cal burned. Wasn't nearly out of breath enough.

    Clearly getting some effects from the halo now - boys are a little high and tight, had some minor back pumpage during squats. Feels like BP is elevated. Didn't really even get out of breath for cardio - and I was trying to push it. Maybe the elliptical just sucks.
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  14. Day 5

    Bumped to 75mg w/ grapefruit. Definitely a testicular difference. Not sure what that says, I don't really feel shut down, maybe a little lethargic. For all the talk of Halo being mild, I felt better on Epi. That was a bulk though, so who knows???I'm gonna smash stimulants in week 2 to hit the heavier weights.


    5 @ 375
    4 @ 405
    3 @ 425

    Should have been 5 straight across. 2nd consecutive deadlift day I've missed weights badly. I took a nap before the gym without a substantial solid food meal (awful choice) My lower back got beat up by my previous training program. Not sure what my approach is going to be to fix this. I should have backed off before this.

    It will be time to ****ing sack up and kick the **** out of the weights in week 2. A helpful mantra: "I did NOT take steroids to be a bitch"

    EDT 1

    Deads 30 @275
    Dragon flag abs - 60

    EDT 2
    Seated curls - 30 @ 50
    dips - 48 @ BW

    BW - 261 (-1lb)
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  15. Would the grapefruit juice have an effect on EPI? I also like the chocolate milk idea. Good Luck

  16. Looking at the structures, I'm not sure - it can't hurt. I think that Epi should be taken with fats to increase absorption, though that's mostly broscience speculation at this point.
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  17. Day 6

    Did some stretching/Yoga style stuff. Nothing Major.

    Day 7

    Tabata snatch/clean + Jerk/front squat @110

    What a destruction - left me panting on the floor. Love/Hate Tabata!

    Feeling pretty good, maybe a little more alpha/aggressive than usual. Waist size doesn't seem to be smaller, but I feel like I look leaner in the mirror. Marathon, not a sprint.
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  18. Squats (full depth)
    3 @ 325
    3 @ 355
    6 @ 385

    EDT session 1
    Smith Squats @ 315 20 -> switched to -> squat press @ 460 -> 25
    ham curl 45 @ 170

    EDT session 2
    mini bb curl @ 100 45
    Smith CGBP @235 25 -> 225 - 15 reps

    Huge back pumps today, decent strength gains. Gonna take a bunch of taurine.

    Don't feel too many other negative sides. Gonna keep dosing this buccal resveratrol as Sustain Alpha - 5 on, 2 off. with any luck it will keep the shutdown from progressing.
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by OnTheRoadTo View Post
    Day 6

    Did some stretching/Yoga style stuff. Nothing Major.

    Day 7

    Tabata snatch/clean + Jerk/front squat @110

    What a destruction - left me panting on the floor. Love/Hate Tabata!

    Feeling pretty good, maybe a little more alpha/aggressive than usual. Waist size doesn't seem to be smaller, but I feel like I look leaner in the mirror. Marathon, not a sprint.
    Tabata is no joke man. Keep on killing it. I'll be hitting the H-Drol here soon to finish off my cut as well.

  20. Tried something a little different with my cardio - did tabata style but full body exertion cycling through motions.

    Not sure I liked it, but I was hypocaloric as **** today.

    Interesting note on Hdrol/Resv - I can noticeably modulate my shutdown based on doses of these. This leads me to a few general points:

    1. The halflife on Halodrol is really, really short.
    2. Buccal ResV works really, really well compared to oral delivery (factor of 200+)
    3. The grapefruit and quercetin I'm picking up from the ResV (via cycle assist pill) is not noticeably inhibiting steroid deactivation in vivo. Note that we wouldn't expect the grapefruit to, as it is shown now to be a primarily gastrointestinal effect.

    Interesting post: "The hypothalamus reacts to this increase in testosterone by decreasing Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) secretion. GnRH stimulates production of lutenizing hormone (LH) which is responsible for testosterone production in males (estrogen in females), and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is responsible for stimulating spermatogenesis in males (ovulation in females). A good portion of your GnRH and subsequently testosterone (85% or more) is produced while you sleep, with test levels spiking shortly before you wake up. This partially explains mornin wood. (You can take advantage of this if you use test suspension or dbol, as both have a very short halflife. Take a 5-10 mg of dbol in the morning upon waking and it should be out of your system by nightfall. This means that most GnRH production will continue as usual. During the day, that small 15% or so is replaced by dbol or suspension which, and you're still comin off the test spike produced early in the morning upon waking... so you've high androgen levels both day and night). "
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  21. Bench Day

    3 @ 275
    3 @ 290
    3 @ 305 <-- hit the pins on the way up on a rep, cost me a bonus

    No unnatural strength gains yet.

    EDT 1
    BB Bench 205 - 55 reps
    BB row 205 - 50 reps

    EDT 2
    Machine Shrugs @ 315
    Donkey calf raise @ 400

    Didn't record reps on these, but worked continuously...as my training partner observed, these exercises just aren't very metabolic in nature due to the short ass range of motion.

    I definitely appear to be cutting up some in the mirror. Thinking I need a higher dose of hdrol. I will probably throw epistane in in weeks 4 and 5 as a preworkout booster.

    Took 6g of taurine, had no issues with back pump.
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  22. I've been a POS about updating this log since, really, Hdrol is a road well traveled at this point and there doesn't seem to be a tremendous amount of interest. I appear to be leaning out, and gaining unnatural strength.

    Hit 405x2 atg squat (455 previous max was at questionable depth)

    Hit 350 bench tonight, HUGE PR for me. Actually did 3 but el-rando spotter at the gym kicked in god-knows-how-much on 2 and 3. Switching up my style of training a little bit because the EDT is just too god damn back-pumpy. I'm running all Cycle assist now to combat blood pressure issues. Back on the grapefruit jucie for absorption. Last two weeks I'm gonna boost it up with preworkout Epistane.
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  23. 525 dead, strength really kicking in now
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  24. Keep it up man...I am quietly following along...looking to do a H-Drol/Furuza-a stack mid-May...really looking forward to it-almost too much!!!

  25. Really bad lethargy today. Subpar gym day yesterday (my own fault). Lots of back pump sides, calf too. Maybe a little more suppressed. Going to hammer a new ResV concotion today and see if that helps. Anyone out there have tips on overcoming lethargy?
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