This site is GREAT

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    This site is GREAT

    I have not even started my cycle and I already have some great information from this site. I.E. new low carb recepies, casein protien ant night, etc.

    If I can just ask a few more question

    I have my test e 2 @300 10ml. I also have my liquid Nolva. Still need to buy my anavar (which is also liquid). I am 30, been working out since I was 16, I am a pro armwrestler, but due to my lack of proper diet my BF is around 17%. Despite 45 min of cardio 6 days a week. I have the worst habit off all. I eat late at night. This is my first cycle. I am not starting until May. Until then I want to lose 20-25 pounds. If i cant get my diet cleaned up now I wont just magically clean it up when I start my cycle. I dont want to be a super strong fataZZ. I want to be a lean 230.

    Is and AI necessary with my cycle? I wanted to to .50 mg arimdex e3d but my source does not have any and does not think i will need it. He supplies a few people at my gym and aslo does it himself so i dont think I am getting bunk sh+t. However I like to get several opionins before making any decision.

    If you think I do need the arimdex, are online purcahses safe. I am not asking to post a source, I just want to see if others have purchased off the internet and had it work out or not.

    Also I am kinda a bitc% when it comes to needles but I think I can handle the delt over the azz. Last time i got a shot in the azz I was sore for three days. Any suggestions?

  2. u wont know if u need it until u run the cycle. thats why i always recommend to have an AI on hand just in case.

  3. G79
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    For gyno and or excessive water rentention? That seems to be the ruling.

    Hs anyone got adex off the internet and had sucess?

  4. both.

  5. G79
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    Thanks. I will get some.



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