halovar help

  1. halovar help

    Im 18 5'9 and 155 and im currently on furazadrol. Yesterday i found a bottle of halovar in the back of my kitche cabinet that my older brother must have bought and never used.

    Would it be ok if i used halovar with furazadrol?

  2. did you ever read that labels??? NO FOR USE FOR PEOPLE UNDER 21!!

  3. ya that really didnt answer my question but thanks !

  4. Don't use either, steroids should not be used by teenagers. Several guys I know that used in HS now have low test and some on TRT and not feeling so alpha now.

    Grab some training and nutrition materials and lay off the steroids buddy. I would never condone use of Halovar in anyone under 21.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  5. telling ya bro wait till you in your mid to late 20's

  6. Honastly using ph's young isnt great, but when someone mind is set nothings going to change it. How about we help instead of flame him. wait til your currently cycle is over. oh and make sure you have a pct and liver support!!!!!!!!! if you dont cycle properly you will hurt future gains. I use the testosterone recovery stack for my pcts and get a good liver support like cyce support from anabolic innovations or liver juice from primordial performances. anything with milk thistle. good luck and be safe


  8. Ten months later...strong second post my friend lol.

  9. nice farmers....


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