How about this cycle?

  1. KFlex
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    How about this cycle?

    10 week cycle
    6-10 week PCT

    Weeks 1-5 35mg d-bol ed
    Weeks 1-10 600mg 4 AD transdermally
    Weeks 6-10 100mg tren. transdermally
    Followed by 6-10 weeks PCT with Nolva/Clomid. I may also take a small dose of nolva EOD throughout the whole cycle to combat gyno.
    Any of you guys opions would be appreciated.

  2. i personally like to end tren 2 weeks prior to the end of a cycle so it clears the system - makes PCT easier IMHO.

  3. KFlex
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    So how would you reccommend I run the cycle. I also have 4 bottles of M 1T and and a bottle of transport matrix loaded with 7.5gms of 1 test, that I was saving for later.

  4. whats your goal?
  5. KFlex
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    I'm comming off a show this saturday, and I won't to put on as much mass as possible for the next year until my next show. I plan on qualifiying for nationals next year.
    Also if I put 4gs of tren in 120ml bottle of transport matrix how much tren would I get each serving at 5 sprays a serving.

  6. KFlex
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    Someone correct my math if I'm wrong on this.
    120ml Trans. Matrix = 1.25ml/spray
    4 gms Tren per 120ml = 40mg/spray
    3 sprays /3.75ml x 40mg tren/spray =150mgs of tren.
    So with those numbers I would use 3 sprays at 150mg of tren a day?

  7. If you are doing dbol and tren - F the 4ad and go with test. I would also go with nandralone over tren if i wanted to bulk - but that is just me.


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