First PCT - random question

  1. First PCT - random question

    So I just came off my 10 week Test E at 500mgs and I am going to run Luiqi-nolv for my PCT. My question is, I have Novadex XT from before I started my cycle and I was thinking about running that for 1 month too. Do you guys think this will have any negative affect on my PCT? I mean, it is a natural test booster, so I would only imgaine it could help instead of hurt, correct?


  2. Don't do it.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rckvl7 View Post
    Don't do it.
    Any reason why?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SilverZ06 View Post
    Any reason why?
    Well from what I understand Novedex XT is an ATD which is a type of AI. If you feel you need Estrogen control I would go with something like Aromasin. ATD's may compete for the androgen receptors.

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