'Var cycle, stack with what?? (1st post)

  1. 'Var cycle, stack with what?? (1st post)

    (Long post, any/all advice greatly appreciated! Thanks!)
    Hi all.

    New here on this particular forum.

    I have completed two cycles of Anavar(oxandrolone) with great results in getting lean. As far as muscle growth, it's like back in my days of my natural Amateur body building when I had the time to dot every "i" & cross every "t" on training AND diet. Var alone, and admittedly slacking some on diet and just a little in the gym has got me as good or slightly better results as I did back then giving 110% naturally, and... I'm not 18 anymore either.(!) These two cycles have been my only experience with chemical performance enhancing.

    So now I have decided to join the Army. (I have submitted applications for the last two years after my lay off and have been unable to land a real job. (the Army has been my first and only offer.)

    Yeah, being in mid-thirties and going to boot camp is not a huge deal, but if I'm going, I'm going hard core= trying out for special forces, etc. So i have 4 months before I leave to get my edge over the pizza faces.

    I want to do a 10-12 week cycle to make max STRENGTH gains as well as cardio and muscle ENDURANCE.- So that after boot camp, when it comes to competing with those 22 year olds physically to get into SF, Ranger school etc, they don't have anything on/over me physically.

    I have plenty of 'Var left for another cycle. I want to use it as it's on hand, paid for and I don't have a whole lot of $. What to stack with it, dosing/how? It can't be a "way out there" 'roid as I do not have a whole lot of $ to dump into anti-estrogen drugs or really long term PCT. (With my 'Var, even at 110mg ED, I ended up needing NO pct.

    Thanks. Any advice, cycles or links will be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks so much. I'm tired of worrying when they're gonna turn my power & water off. I need a job!

  2. anybody??

  3. Now what we have here is a really helpful forum.

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