havoc side effects question

  1. havoc side effects question

    Ok. Now I have read a lot on HAVOC and all its possible side effects. I know it is a methylated compound and therefore can mess with the liver. Well obviously I don't want to have any issues so I have been taking 1200mg of milk thistle a day (80% syl-something) any. I have also cut my diet to a very lean and healthy one. (2 cups f veggies 3 times a day, white rice and chicken o turkey and tuna) now my question is, while on the toilet I happened to look and notice my stool was a very light almost pale brown. Now I know pale color stool can indicate liver and gallblader issues, but my only problem is that I don't have any other symptoms (dark urine, pains etc) I just happened to notice his change.

    Could it be that I am simply eating a lot f white foods (oatmeal, rice, chicken etc,) and the milk thistle is all just causing it to become somewhat lighter (I use to eat red meat, burger, and junk all day and it was a much darker color so perhaps this is it. Any thoughts?

    Yes I know that this is an odd question but I couldn't think of another place to ask it. I went to a medical board and they gave me a lecture about taking "roids" and stuff. Not even coming close t answering my question.

    Also sorry for the terrible grammar, spelling and puntuation. I am sending this from my phone at work haah.

  2. Milk thistle really doesn't do too much for the liver. Look into some other things like NAC and SAM-e.

  3. I would not be worried. Stool color is almost exclusively influenced by diet. Rarely is it related to serious health issues. The most significant change in color/consistency that is seen the most often is coffee grounds indicating a lower GI bleed.
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