need a little help with pct and prop cycle

  1. need a little help with pct and prop cycle

    I m sure this is basic knowlege but I am a newbie. I am interested in doing a cycle of prop. I just purchased 50cc s. I was planning on doing a 8 to 10 week cycle. I was going to do 1 1/2 ccs every other day unless you recommend something different. I also purchased some liquid L-Dex ( 30ml - 1mg/ml ) and Clomid (30ml - 50mg/ml ). Can anyone recomment the daily dosage for the L-Dex and a good PCT using the L-Dex and Clomid. I am extremely paraniod of gyno. I ve experimented before but this will be my first real cycle at 34 years old. I m just trying to gain some strength and power. I m doing a lot of crossfit and "caveman training"

  2. Im new too lol-do ph's but from my reading, the AI adex could be taken like..1mg every 2-3 days on the cycle to prevent gyno. the serm is for pct. arimidex has a half life of about 56hours for 1mg. so 1mg EOD would stunt the estrogen down pretty damn good. but u do want some estrogen so i would think taking 1mg every third day would be the best if you're really freaked out. otherwise-start that dosing like half way through your cycle when the estrogen starts to climb up more. there's a few different ways u can dose arimadex..some people just hold it incase-first sign of tender nipple or whatever and they pop 1mg EOD for awile till it goes away-it'll stop symptoms very quick. you can dose .5mg ED also. this is based off the reading i did.

  3. A-dex: .25-.50mg ED or E2D; get you feel for it...
    Clomid: 100firstfewdaysthen75/50/50/25/Extra week 25 if you feel you need it.
    Do not use A-dex during PCT.
    Start PCT 3 days after last inject.

  4. thanks for the help. What do you think about 1 1/2 cc s of prop every other day. I did I read your post right? I should do the Clomid for 25 weeks?

  5. thanks for your reply. What about the PCT with the clomid?

  6. what he's saying is run the clomid at 100mg than tapper down to 75mg and so on. however long ur cycle is, determines when u do your pct/how long to run your pct. start your pct a few days after last injection. clomid 100/75/50/50/25 -thats a total of 5 weeks. if you need to run the pct longer-he meant run it one more week(if needed) at 25mg again. so your pct should be about 5-6 weeks depending on how you feel. personaly i dont think .25 or .5mg of adex EOD is even worth doing, .25 or .5mg ED or 1mg EOD or even every three days. you should be fine.

  7. try to read around. -ive hard of people even running clomid at 150mg first few days or first week. but that might make u feel crappy-thats what ive read. either way pct should be about the same length as your cycle roughly

  8. In some users anything above 50mg can cause ****ty emotional problems. It happened to me in my last cycle. It all depends on body chemistry. If your doing a Prop only cycle which I just currently finished a month ago. Clomid 50/50/50/50 additonal 25/25 if needed would suffice.

    If you want to run an AI during the cycle stick with Aromasin @ 12.5 daily. It's better for the lipids, and has a better impact on igf-1 vs. dex. If the exe isn't enough, use letro as your last resort. Just keep an eye on the lipido while on that stuff.


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