What to cycle next..

  1. What to cycle next..

    Just got off a very successful Microdrol run not too long ago (gained a soild 12 pounds and strength went through the roof). Im on my last 2 weeks of PCT and Im thinking ahead to my next cycle in a month or 2. I have a bottle of Maximus Labs "Supremacy" (Spawn), and a bottle of Purus's E-Pol, along with Organ shield and Recycle. Just looking for some ppl that have used one of these, and what results you got. Thanks!

  2. stick to the real thing

  3. Never tried the "real thing"

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Gygas21 View Post
    Never tried the "real thing"
    Well, do your research and get on it SON!!!!! There are a lot more benefits to injections.... BTW, you cant start cycle in a month. It is usually time on plus PCT time equals time off.... I know some that only go 6 weeks off, but they also get blood panels to find out where they are after cycle and PCT....

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