Second Cycle. Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Second Cycle. Thanks for your feedback.

    Dear forum members,

    I would like to share with you the experience I have had during my second cycle so far and hopefully get the feedback from experienced people.


    I am 29 years old and 5' 7'' tall. I have been training for 11 years.
    I did my first cycle two years ago (27 y.o) During my first cycle I didn't gain a lot of weight as I was using a cutting combination (deca + winstrol).

    Current training:

    My training schedule is as it follows:

    Day 1: chest-biceps
    Day 2: legs
    Day 3: cardio
    Day 4: back-triceps
    Day 5: shoulders
    Day 6: cardio
    Day 7: off

    Current Diet:

    My weakest point has always been diet, as I have a fast metabolism and I have to eat tons of food to compensate. Also I have seen that my body adapts very quickly to any given calorie intake. I just have started to realise that I need to increase my calorie intake weekly! (sorry this might seem obvious but it was not obvious for me).

    I started this second cycle with a daily intake of 3600 cal. (50% carbs, 40% protein, 10% fat).

    At this point I am trying to figure out what I need to increase to keep the weight moving up.

    Second Cycle progress and problems:

    I started with a combination of Testosterone Enanthate and Nandrdolone Decanoate (600 mg each weekly).
    To keep estrogen binding under control (at least that is what I initially thought) I initially did 10mg of Nolvadex EOD.

    The reason I started the cycle with these amounts is due to stupidly blind trust in one of the big guys at the gym (big mistake).

    By the end of the third week I noticed signs of gynecomastia and the first thing I did was to bump up Nolvadex to 40mg ED, reduce enanthate to 250mg that week and reduce deca to 400mg during that week.

    Fourth week came and the gyno didn't get worse but didn't improve either. As of yesterday I started Letrozole and I am going to run it until gyo subsides.

    So here I am in the fourth week of the cycle and I am thinking of diminishing T.Enanthate to 500 mg/week and Deca to 300mg/week for weeks 5 to 8.

    I have read threads from people with lots of experience I would appreciate their suggestions very much.

    Thank you,


  2. u might be having prolactin issues (leaky nips) from the deca, in that case, letro wont be very much help.

    what are ur gyno symptoms?

    id continue the cycle like...

    Test 500mg/week
    Deca 300mg/week

  3. I don't have puffy nipples. I have a lump under my right nipple. It is no noticeable but is well defined when you touch it. is not sore or sensitive it is just there. I also squizzed it and I am not lactating.

  4. if it were me, i'd cut both of those off right now, start 3 weeks of mdrol or 5 weeks of epi, those long acting esters will take at least 2 weeks to really clear your system so don't expect much change in less than 2 weeks. you could make some gains on the mdrol or epi while those esters clear your system and neither of those seem to cause much gyno. I usually get at least sore nips on cycle but it always goes away in PCT. make sure your PCT is good though. just my .02

  5. So I went to the doctor and he said it was not gyno. He said that gyno only manifests as puffiness around the nipple. So the little asymetric lumps I have are most likely ganglia. As I have been touching them everyday checking for changes they are sore. After this mistake I think I hbe learned an important lesson: go to the doctor when you have any sides instead of medicating yourself.



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