KELSEY'S planned ph cycle

  1. KELSEY'S planned ph cycle

    I would like and will consider any critiques and opinions of this cycle.
    I am looking for the biggest retainable gains during this that is why I am going to bust my ass and eat probably more than i should, i truly believe thAT i CAN GET UP TO about 260 during this. I am around 225-230. I know alot of the gains will be water and some fat but I dont care. (sorry iron addict I happen to like looking big in shirts for now). i will cut up while implementing some plyos, sled dragging, and gorrilla sprint sessions at the end of my PC. I'll do some of that on cycle, but not as much.

    OK here goes tell me if some of this is unessacary or will be too much.

    -10mgs M1t(first three days) then 20mgs split for the rest of 4 weeks.taken with 1oz grapefruit juice/

    -HGF-1 or HGH not sure of the doses yet.

    -SLIN with 2 meals daily

    -10mgs creatine throughout

    -Uniliver, colloidial minerals,absorbable calcium,2222 liquid amino, 20g glutamine, boron, grape seed extract, C, E, flax, omega 3's

    I am further implementing 500 G OF PROTEIN, and eating upwards of 4000 calories a day.
    1and1/2 gal. of water a day

    I want fast huge results.

    I will be on LIVER AND JOINT support throughout,

    2 weeks 2weeks
    Post cycle consists of 6-oxo-500mgs 200mgs
    NOLVA-40mgs 20mgs
    I will add 3-5 g of hmb, and continue creatine, and calories and protein.

    I gained at least 8to10 lbs of lbm on a 1ad 4ad without eating like i could have, so I know i could BLOW that one out of the water.

  2. I would probably do the slin only post work out and only like three or four days a week, up to three weeks. I used slin post cycle with the other proper ancillaries and I think it is great in that area I kept almost all of my gains. M-1T is powerfull enough I dont think you will really need to throw in the slin to get awsome gains. Just my $.02

    If you are running M-1t for four weeks you will probably want to post cycle longer than two weeks.

  3. yeah i am doing a four week PC 6oxo, 500mg, nolva 40mg first 2 weeks
    6oxo 200mg, nolva 40mg second two weeks.= 4 weeks
    thanks for your input on the slin.

  4. I need some help on this, I would like to know the pros the cons of taking hgh during this cycle, whether i need to or not.
    I am not the most experienced at this,

  5. Try posting your questions in the GH/Slin forum?



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