my 3rd cycle

  1. my 3rd cycle

    hi iam from greece iam 24 1.77 and 78kg i have done 2 others cycles and i want ti discuss my third cycle wich is the following :

    1-10deca(norma) 400ng e/w
    1-5 anapolon 50mg ed
    1-12 testo enanthate (norma) 500mg e/w
    12-14 testo prop 100mg (only every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays)
    4-14 pregnyl 250iu every 4 day so 500iu per week
    1-14 50mg proviron ed
    4 days after last testo prop injection i will start pct with nolva at 40/20/20/20/10 and clomid 50/50/50 plus 2gr of vitamin c and vitamin e at 400 iu's

    i will mix deca and test in the same syringe and shoot every monday and thursday

    HCG while on cycle is used to prevent complete shut down and testicular atrophy thus making revovery fast and easy. Too much circulating androgens can cause prostatic hyperplasia but saw palmeto is proven to protect prostate so i don't see any particular reason to worry!

    will also use around 200mcg Selenium while on orals because it has the ability to produce glutathione which is what repairs the liver. Milk thristle would also come very handy.

    in that point i hear yours comments..

  2. and something else should i put more hcg or that i put is enough?

  3. no one to help me??

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