estrogen blocker during cycle?

  1. estrogen blocker during cycle?

    i been on testosterone cypionate 250ml, half a cc 2times a week. my buddy said i wont need anything till after cycle. so i got nolvadex for post cycle. well after reading online i see a bunch of people recommend an estrogen blocker during cycle. is it true or am i fine, i know the 250ml a week is low because hes taking 500ml any info would be great not trying to get man boobs haha

  2. u arent taking 250ml.....u are taking 250mg.

    with that out out the way...........u dont need an AI on cycle at that dose, unless u are experience gyno issues

  3. should be fine bro. i took a half cycle; pussed out to take a full but gained it all back with some other more expensive stuff - at 500mg a week and i had gyno as a kid so i am gyno prone. i didnt experience anything but a fish face lol

  4. If your prone to gyno, then use get some Aromasin and run it at 12.5mg daily during cycle and throughout PCT. If nothing pops up, your good to go.

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