Sick and On Havoc cycle.... what to do????

  1. Sick and On Havoc cycle.... what to do????

    Im 10 days in to a Havoc cycle. Last night I came down with the stomach bug, I havnt kept anything down for 12 hours and I becoming dehydrated from havin sheitz to..

    What should I do?? Stop the cycle, wait a day or so till i get better and go i to PCT?? Im at a loss here really, Any help would be great.

  2. Anyone?? Please

  3. not to be a d!ck, but at ur height/weight u shouldnt be taking steroids anyway. its apparent that ur diet needs an overhaul.

    id stop the cycle and get better. u could continue if it was a cold, but it seems like u have a bad virus

  4. stop the cycle.. ur health comes first always
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  5. So Stop it and start taking my Novla when Im not puking anymore?? If so what dose should I run it at? 20/10? I was only on Havoc for 10 days 30mg/day

  6. Why stop the cycle? It's unlikely that the compound caused this sickness... and why would you want to let your test levels drop to nil while you're getting over whatever bug you have?

    Sounds stupid. If it's cancer/aids/etc... stop the damn cycle. If not, man up for a few days and then get back in the gym.


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