Trenapro Cycle***need advice!?

  1. Trenapro Cycle***need advice!?

    u can either bash me or help me, becausse sooner or later i will start this cycle and i am doing the right thing by learning everything i can about it first and how to correctly use it, ok heres some more info for ya, im 6 ft really 5'11 and a half though, im not starting this cycle until i reach 170-175 solid, i am a true to death, HARD GAINER no lie, im 21 and yes i have had only 1 prevous cycle and i did have a recommended pct. i admit when i took it i was retarded but im tryin to better myself with knowledge from smart asses like u guys haha For this coming cycle i will be doing it properly and will have it reviewed by many before i start it. so this is what im thinking so far...

    pre week 1 - cycle assist
    week 1 - 50mg tren + cycle assist + vitex
    week 2 - 100mg tren + cylce assist + vitex
    week 3 - 150mg tren + cycle assist +vitex
    week 4 - 150mg tren + cycle assist + vitex
    PCT = TRS from primordial performance normal regament
    will also have clomid on hand in case
    (i did not include assiting stuff like creatine and muti, but will be useing as normal)

  2. really? come on guys, nothing?

  3. This wouldn't be considered basing, it would be considered helping. According to your stats your no where near ready to be altering your hormones.

    Stick with the basics: eat, sleep, and train. Even at 170lbs, your still no where near your potential according to your height. Train natural and properly for at least a year, then consider this. If not, then it's your body bro, do with it what you will.

    Good luck bro.

  4. You're 21, no lie???? Really? then you lied when filling out your registration... I know a lot of 21 year olds who are feeling that old man syndrome and do their best to pass themselves off as a 20 year old.

    Last warning on this subject. Stop posting in the anabolics section.

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