Extreme bloat on m1t?

  1. Extreme bloat on m1t?

    Hey guys, has anyone got like really excessive boat on this ****? My stomach is swolled up and I feel like a ****ing water baby. What should I do to help reduce this?

  2. What dosage are you taking your M-1T at, and how long is your cycle planned for? Are you stacking it with anything else? I believe Letro can assist with losing the excessive water retention. Check the products over at Lion Nutrition, or other research chem sites. Also, make sure you have increased your water intake, 1.5-2.0 gallons per day.

    Not many people have reported excessive bloating from M1T from what I have read. Now 4AD on the other hand makes me boat like a dead goat.

  3. To answer your question...YES.

  4. Drink water, water, and yes more water.

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