Hey all,

This is an amazing site, don't know where to start first...

I'm over 35, already bald, don't plan on any more children, no health issues and in pretty decent shape. I've been an regular at the gym since high school, but never really watched my diet, or took any type of supplements.

My first cycle started 3 weeks ago: Halodrol MT x 3 a day, Cell-mass, EAS whey protein, Animal Pak x1 a day and Novadex XT x 2 at night before bed, preworkout NO-Xplod, diet is ok, limited sugars, carbs and lots of protein.

Yes, I know learn that I really have no clue on what I'm taking and mixing.

I can tell you that I have packed on around 12lbs of muscle, my bench has gone up 75 lbs, squats up 100, dead lifts up 125. My workouts are 5 times a week for 1.5 -2 hours. No issues except for a couple restless nights at the start of the cycle.

My arms, chest, back, shoulders and legs are all showing progress.

My question:

I got a little carried away online a couple weeks ago and ordered the following items.

Finaflex 550 x 2
X-Tren x 2
Hdrol x 2
Liver care x 2
IDS Post cycle x 2
Cycle Assist x 2

The X-tren, Hdrol, and Cycle Assist are all by the same company.

I was wondering what the best cycle I could make out of this combination, if they even should be stacked?

My goals are to put on more lean muscle, strength and then later cut and lean up to around 210 lbs. I'm 224 lbs @ 5'11 now.

Suggestions please!