Me. Myself and Protodrol Log

  1. Me. Myself and Protodrol Log

    Sup Guys Im currently on Day 15 of Protodrol at 50mg accompained by 150mg of Prostanz. The first 2 weeks of this cycle I didnt change my diet at all I was eating around 4k calories give or take a few calories. In this time I gained around 4 pounds Im currently 230 18% Bf, now after feeling out this substance Im going to transition into Recomp/Cut. Cutting my Cals back to 3200 while adding in cardio 4+ times a week. Looking to take an inch or 2 off the waist while maintaining strength, size and Possably gain some muscle in the Process. I train Dc its how I have been training for around 2 years and its the only way I will train ever. Although, it induces massive stretch marks ><.

    Some of My Measurements
    Shoulders 57in
    Chest 47in
    waist 36in
    Thighs 28in
    Arms 17.25
    Calves 16.5

    Diet breakdown is 400P/100C/130F I may lower the Carbs on non workout days. Sundays will be my carb up day I will take in < 30g Fat, 250g Protein, 650g Carbs

    I started this Semi log in this thread
    Protodrol Feedback

    I will try and keep everyoen updated my schedule is hectic with finals coming up, Full time student, full time job, girlfriend, cooking, eating, gym, etc. . . LOL

  2. I'm starting my cut with protodrol on Monday and will be looking forward to reading of your progress! I'm 6' about 216lbs currently - hoping that 50mgs will have a good effect for me as well, though I have 3 bottles, so can up dose if needed.

  3. Subbed.

  4. I'll sub along...Any support supps or just the proto?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SHSUStudent View Post
    I'm starting my cut with protodrol on Monday and will be looking forward to reading of your progress! I'm 6' about 216lbs currently - hoping that 50mgs will have a good effect for me as well, though I have 3 bottles, so can up dose if needed.
    Best of Luck man! Yeah, I have 3 bottles as well I dont feel the need to increase the dosage yet. I may increase it to 75 Next week

    Quote Originally Posted by CT3 View Post
    I'll sub along...Any support supps or just the proto?
    Only support supps Im Using is Fish Oil ( This is a staple on or Off Cycle) Saw Palmetto ( 4 Pills), Hawthron Extract ( 6 Pills), and Liv 52( 4 Pills)

  6. Link, what are you using for pct?

    Quote Originally Posted by SHSUStudent View Post
    I'm starting my cut with protodrol on Monday and will be looking forward to reading of your progress! I'm 6' about 216lbs currently - hoping that 50mgs will have a good effect for me as well, though I have 3 bottles, so can up dose if needed.
    Are you looging this anywhere?

  7. I wasn't planning on logging it, but perhaps I will. I'm really excited to get it running - have all my supports in place as well as pct.

    I plan to use the new Sustain Alpha LV + Toco8 for PCT, along w/ DTHC or some nettle extract

  8. Quote Originally Posted by WolfJFlywheel View Post
    Link, what are you using for pct?

    Using Clomid and Nolva
    Clomid- 150mg 3 days, 100mg 3 days, 75mg 3 days, 50mg 12days, 25mg 7 days

    Nolva- Days 7-35 at 20mg

  9. Day 18

    Sup Guys, I feel Protodrol is really kicking in nicely now. I am down to 228 up waking with some notable water, fatloss. I seem to be Recomping right now so I may take the Calories down to 2900-3k next week to try and focus more on Leaning up.But Overall Im feeling great Im about to head to the gym and Hit legs. The pumps in my legs are almost unbearable I love it! Next week With school being out I will begin morning cardio, so the waist will continue to taper : D

    Positives- The strongest effect by far is the recovery, Wow I have never had recovery impacted this much. Im absolutely loving it. Another thing Im really enjoying is the lubrication of my joints, my joints feel great. As well as my back ( I have a L5-S1 herniated disc) When I took Halodrol it really aggravated my back and joints. Strength is continuously growing, Libido has seemed to Pick back up again. Increased Muscle fullness, Vascularity seems like its about to peak as each day goes by. I have gained some nice size as well, Wish this was a full bulk would have hit 240 easy.

    Negatives- worst side effect thus far is the pimples on the side of my face pretty annoying and suppression which is to be expected.

  10. Day 19

    WEight is at 228 starting to look a bit flat with the Lower carb intake, cant wait to carb up tomorrow. But Im definetly getting leaner overall and still feeling great. About to go do an hour of cardio w/ some abs. I have about 80 caps of DCP laying around so I might incorporate them in Pre-cardio in the morning or Pre-workout at 4 caps. That should last just about 3 weeks which would take me to the end of the cycle. Today Im making my last to meals of the day just protein/ Veggie instead of Protein/ Fat.

  11. Ah its so hard to diet right now but, I know my bf is getting to high as well as the waist size. My goal by march was to hit 240 while being under 20% and then Diet from March to September. I think I will just settle with being 230 though. After the cycle I think I will just eat 200-300 calories of Mat. To just maintain weight gain a bit of muscle and trim a bit of fat. I will continue to do cardio, which is the reason my bf has gotten high in the first place cause I never do cardio.

    Its been a hard road to get to 230 though. In march of 08, I herniated my L5-S1 disc at the time I didnt know what the pain was so I continued lifting. The pain progressively got worse week by week. So what did I do? I went and bought a weight belt and continued to lift( great Idea right?). Well, by the time May came around I could barely walk, took me 10-15min to get our of bed, Hurt so bad to drive sometimes I would throw up( from Sciatica). It took all these symptoms to realize something was wrong and that I couldnt lift.

    At the time I had just got a new job working at a home healthcare Facility. Delivering patients monthly equipment, Beds, wheelchairs, etc. So I didnt have insurance yet, so i had to grind out the pain day in day out. While I was so scared to go to the gym in fear of hurting my self, I began getting depressed, stopped eating, day by day I could see the weight falling off of me. When I injured myself I was at my peak 210lbs around 12-13%. So when Insurance kicked in in July I went and saw and Orthopedic he set me up with an epidural. Two weeks later I started Pt, at the start of Pt I was down to 170lbs. I did Pt until late October till I was ready be on my own. He said I could start liftin light weight again in Nov after I rested for a week. So at the start of lifting again I was 165. . . I hadnt been to the gym in months people asked me if I got cancer and **** because I looked terrible, skinny , pale.

    So it felt good to be back in the gym I started putting weight on real quick. I was back to eating, lifting feeling good no pain. I was around 190lbs around April when it hit me again Symptoms were back. Went got another Epidural, went back to Pt was out of the gym again for only about a month. The I was doing ART therapy 2-3 times a week seemed to really help.I was putting on weight like no other( This is the main reason I put on so much Bf because I was tired of feeling skinny and having people ask me questions, clothes being all baggy)I was lifting and Eating like I never have before. So I went from 190- 220 in like 2 months not even caring about my bf Cause I was feeling great I was getting compliments from everyone.There is no way you cant tell Im 18% Bf in my street clothes, My shoulders are way to broad. Being the biggest I ever have been I felt great. I still dont really care about my Bf cause I know I can drop it real quick. But Im still injured and still dealing with small symptoms, sciatica, stiffness, weakness in right leg. Also, there is many things I cant do in the gym, No leg press, no squats no deads, no Hack squats, No overheadpress, No running, its very hards to work abs. Working Legs and should are the two areas body parts in the gym that have taken the biggest hit. I really have to get creative in the gym these days. Im lucky I built a great base with my Legs Pre injury.

    So yeah, I am really looking into gettign a micro Discectomy to take care of this injury for good. End of rant

  12. I just started on my cut - settled on 50mgs of Protodrol w/ 4-5 pumps of Dermacrine. Wish me luck and I'll post my results!

    How is the progress coming along now Link?

  13. Ive been on this Protodrol a week and I like it.

    Im doing a 6 week bulk to regain what I lost from surgery in late October and the month I had to take off. Surgery sucks.

    I did 2 weeks of original Gaspari H-50, and Ive been on the Proto for 1 week now. I shedded a couple lbs of bloat when I stopped the H-50 but my strength and muscle fullness had if anything increased its rate. Now Im gaining weight again.

    So far Im up 12lbs, abs look the same as when I started, and I still have 3 weeks go to. I think I could hit 15-17 which would put me 5-7lbs up on before I had surgery.

    Ive been eating very clean, but lots of calories.

  14. Day 23

    Weight is at 227 Fat is slowly coming off. Im still at 50mg Protodrol a day. Everything is still going great No real side effects, the acne I was having has subsided. Libido is up, strength is still going up every workout. All lifts are up 10-20lbs + reps which is great, Fullness is still good even though my carb intake is low. Recovery is still Phenomenal even in a calorie restriction. With each day of Dieting my Vascularity comes more apparent as well. Now starting to look leaner around the mid-section which is my target. Waist is down around 2 inches from starting, granite some of that is a decrease in bloat, and calorie restriction but there is fat loss. School is now out so Im gonna start hitting the cardio pretty hard. I may start doing 30min fasted, 30min evening/ Post workout.


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