Second cycle - Test E, Tren E

  1. Second cycle - Test E, Tren E

    Hi guys

    I'm currently looking at a cycle that will help me building a little more mass, and help me cut.

    About me:

    Weight: 218 lbs
    Height: 6'3
    Fat: 11,6%

    I was thinking of something like this:

    1-12 Test E 250mg per week
    4-12 Tren E 200mg per week
    1-4 T-bol 50mg ED

    4-12 HCG 500 IU's per week
    1-10 aromasin 12mg EOD
    10-12 aromasin 12mg ED

    12-17 Nolva 40-20-20-20-20

    So, I'm not really sure if I should go for Tren E or Tren A.

    Tren E:
    Pros: More stable, less side effects, and A LOT less injections.

    Tren A:
    Pros: Acting faster, being able to stop fast if sides are too harsh.
    Cons: A LOT of injections

    Also, I'm wondering if the bad effects on lungs and aerobic endurance is permanent or not ?
    And, how long is the recommended time for running Trenbolone? I've read max 8 weeks, but I'm not totally sure about this.

    All opinions will be appreciated! =)

  2. test and tren doses are too low, double both. and no, tren will not cause permanent endurance issues.

    id run the test 1-12 and the tren 1-10.

    gains will be diet dependent

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