Epistane pulse cycle?

  1. Question Epistane pulse cycle?

    Ok, so i'm plannin on running an epistane pulse, not sure for how long. I plan on getting my blood work done before I start and then every two months after that point. Then I will cycle off if my test levels start to decline. Please do not flame the cycle if you think it's stupid, just ignore it. I'm just looking for any educated/experienced opinions as far as anything I should add, change, take away, or change the dose or dose timing. Thank you ahead of time for any quality advice.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    20mg epistane with meal 1
    2g now tribulus prior to meal 2
    20mg epistane with meal 3
    10mg nolvadex, 50mg clomid before bed

    Other Supplements I take daily are, whey, casein, horse power, zma, efa, glutamine, bcaa, and multi vit/min.

  2. Never pulsed epi.

    A few ?'s diet? How many days lifting/taking product? You using any kind of liver support/cleaner?

    Without a pic it's hard to judge 6'0"-245. Age? You out of shape? Been lifting for 10 yrs? Lots of variables.

    What are your goals? Where are you starting from?

  3. Keith check this link out. It should help you with your questions.


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