1-T Tren+Phera or Epi+EQ-Plex Cycle

  1. 1-T Tren+Phera or Epi+EQ-Plex Cycle

    Is this combo even a good idea?

    Also, can I recover from the shutdown without HCG for a 6 week cycle and retain a decent amount of my gains? This will be my last cycle for a long time.

    I have no history of gyno, but what about the gyno risk for some of the combos below? I can use letro .25mg e2-3 days and probably prevent that if it is warranted on cycle. I tried with just 1-T Tren alone and that dose was too much-my joints felt like they were disintegrating.

    If this combo sucks, what would you all suggest instead if my goal is mostly quality mass that is mostly sustainable? Due to some joint problems, I am not looking for huge strength gains; would like to avoid joint injuries, and my workouts aren't going to be too over the top consequently. I have plenty of non-HCG ancillaries (letro, nolva, clomid). I also have a cornucopia of orals if anyone thinks a different substitution makes more sense or is a terrible item to combine with a proposed cycle below (D-Zine, H-Drol, M-Drol, EQ-Plex, P-Plex, Demethyl Stanozol, Furazadrol, P-Mag, LMG/Sci-Fit M13). Of course, I don't want to overtax my liver either, hence the 1T-Tren and maybe EQ-Plex.

    I've ran 1-T Tren before for 6 weeks with good results and yes the shutdown was/is significant.

    I was thinking about running one of the following using 1-T Tren as the base for all of them:

    Weeks 1-6:
    (1) 1-T Tren + 1,200mg/day of EQ-Plex (need the appetite boost on-cycle and maybe a quality pound or two of gains)
    (2) 1-T Tren + 1.2g/day EQ-Plex + 10/20/20 (maybe a 4th week) P-Plex
    (3) 1-T Tren + 1.2g/day EQ-Plex + 10/20/30 (maybe a 4th week) E-Stane
    (4) 1-T Tren solo

    CoQ10 front loaded and through PCT
    Hawthorne Berries " " " "
    Liv.52 " " " "
    UDCA (if using a methyl, for those weeks on a methyl)
    All the usual other crap (multis, fish and flax oil, glutamine, BCAAs, SuperCissus RX powder, Glucosamine/etc)
    Toco 8 (Weeks 1-6)
    Sustain Alpha (Weeks 1-6)

    Weeks 7-10:
    TRS Stack (Toco 8, EndoAmp Max, Sustain)-Weeks 7-10
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Clomid 50/50
    Continuation of some of the OCT stuff above

    So I asked a lot of questions. What are your thoughts on the cycle choices and the PCT sufficiency/insufficient especially?


  2. what does ur diet look like?

  3. BMR is about 3250 cal/day

    On cycle: 4000 cal/day, ~1.5-2g/lb protein/day , med-high carbs (mostly complex), med-high fats (mostly poly and mono unsats); divided into usually 5meals give or take depending on my schedule; 1 gal water/day

    Typical diet:
    Note-I telework 3 days a week and am in the office 2 days a week, so I get a little bit more dietary variety in the office (pork loin and potatoes for lunch, etc)

    Breakfast: 2 cups 1 or 2% milk, 1 scoop WPI, 2 slices whole wheat bread, 2 tbsp organic almond butter, 1-2 tbsp organic strawberry or raspberry jelly, OR usually on cycle substitute almond butter-jelly sandwich with 2 boiled eggs, 8 oz cottage cheese, 2 slices of of whole wheat toast with smartbalance (depends on time constraints; I have a 4 hour round trip commute when I go into the office so I need sleepy sometimes)

    Snack 1: Big100 MetRX MRB, 2 cups milk, 1 oz almonds or macadamias (or snack 2)


    Snack 2: 8-16oz cottage cheese, 1 oz almonds or macs (or snack 1)

    Dinner: 2 cans tuna, 4 slices whole wheat bread, 1 oz almonds or macadamias or an oz of each

    Bedtime: 2 cups milk, 1 scoop WPI, 8 oz cottage cheese (depending on cals for the day), 1 oz almonds (likewise); may substitute almond butter/jelly sandwich for cottage cheese and almonds

    Post cycle: 3250-3750 cal/day; raise fats

    I don't keep a log (time is always lurking), so this is my basic recollection. I know it could use more variety, but it works well enough, and I get my antioxidants from copious amounts of vitaberry mixed with my bulk powders.


  4. Thanks guys...I must have posted in the wrong forum or something...

  5. at 5'10" 165lbs I'd say you could make good gains naturually and would recommend that path. xtren gave me gyno fyi but stuff was quite powerful/fun.
  6. Angry

    Hard to respond to that, but I'll try.

    As I said in my first post, I have previously ran a cycle of 1-T Tren. I was planning another one and considering an oral to add.

    You're right that IF I was able to work out, at my current weight and height, I could and would make great gains the natural way. In fact, I'd probably gain 10-15 lbs and significant strength in 8-12 weeks having been sedentary for so long. It's been 5 years since I was last in the gym. Last time I was in there, I was 190 lbs and bench pressing 90 lb dumbells for sets of 6 (not exactly mind blowing, but a record for me at the time).

    The reason I can't go to the gym is because I have a neuromuscular disorder and a limited ROM. Why use hormones you ask and why even want to gain muscle mass given these things? Because I have some muscle wasting on my gluteals which gave me excrutiating pressure sores this year and the best the doctors could do was to prescribe long-term Percocet (read: physical dependence and withdrawal) and these $320 for 20 silver alginate patches to cover the wounds. When I ran the 1-T Tren, the last skin ulcer went from non-healing to completely healed in a matter of weeks-the derm was astounded. There is ample medical literature that shows the efficacy of anabolic steroids for the treatment of skin ulcers due to the high androgen receptor concentrations in the skin and increased lean tissue. So they have healed now, but I would like to solidify one more cycle's worth of gains (another 10 lbs or so) in case I get sick and lose weight and end up in pressure sore agonizing hell again (I can't even describe it to you-fainting, screaming, crying, all day for 9 months straight even on Percocet; emotional crumbling, etc). So that is why I made this post. When I ran 1-T Tren recently (finished PCT yesterday), I went from 146 to 165 with only a 5% increase in BF and NOT working out. So I am using these agents for different purposes than most on here.

    Which is why I am simply looking for some answers to any of my questions in my post.

    I understand that small fries shouldn't go straight to steroids-they should go straight to the gym-but that isn't medically possible for everyone. And I hate to have to re-tell my "life story this year and in previous years" every post to convey that just to get straightforward questions answered. "Go to the gym" type answers are applicable to many but not all.

    If I change my weight to 205 in my profile (and lie) you would have answered quite differently perhaps, but that's an overplayed issue in my opinion. I wonder how much Bruce Lee weighed, even adjusting for height if needed? I've seen videos of him doing one finger of one hand pushups for sets of 15 (1index finger + 1 thumb), so weight isn't even close to an absolute gauge of progress, muscular definition, or strength (I addressed variance in individual goals in the above paragraphs).

    So, pretty please, with liquid Superdrol on top, will someone please answer some of the questions that I actually asked in my post?


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