Toneyfan's Cycle Log

  1. Toneyfan's Cycle Log

    7 Meals Daily. 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat. Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Cottage Cheese, Tuna, Chicken are my staples.
    Hey all,

    This thread will be used to track my progress for you all to see. I'll be talking about how I feel on any given day, what I trained, how my strength gains and weight gain is coming, etc. Right now i'm in full mass mode, not too worried about gaining bodyfat, but would like to keep it at a minimum of course.

    Here's how my cycle looks:

    Test Cypionate - 500 mg/week 1-10
    Deca - 400 mg/week 1-10
    Dbol - 30 mg/week 1-4
    HCG mid cycle and near the end.
    Nolva PCT

    This is my first cycle, btw. I had been training for 7 years naturally before I started using PH's last year, which I had great results with. And after extensive research, and some help and advice from a good friend of mine that also frequents these boards() I decided to cross over for my first cycle of AAS.

    I started this past Monday, and although it's just the Dbol i'm feeling so far, it's actually great. My workouts are alot more intense, and I can feel the "burn" alot more on every single exercise. The strength gains were immediate, and i'm still sore from the Back workout I had on Monday, which is something i've never experienced before very much. My forearms, glutes, and lower back especially(but the GOOD pain of course).

    Injection of 200 mg Deca in my left delt is still tender and sore to the touch. I injected with a 25G 5/8 needle. How long does the soreness usually last? Let me know

    Sex drive is better than ever. And the sense of "well being" kicked in the first day!

    Supplements i'm taking while "on":

    Milk Thistle
    Saw Palmetto Extract
    Vitamins C, E
    B complex
    Whey Protein Isolate

    And absolutely NO alchohol for the next 10 weeks. I'm serious about this, and nothing's going to stop me from getting the best gains I possibly can on this cycle.

  2. Good luck man. Don't forget to eat!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by smike319
    Good luck man. Don't forget to eat!
    Haha thanks Cals will start out at 4,200-4,500. And i'll bump that up to 5,000 if necessary. All clean food, because that's just the way i've eaten the past few years, i've gotten MORE than used to it! I actually like it.

  4. Ok, trained tonight at 9 pm, and had an AWESOME workout. Routine went as follows:

    ============================== ==========================
    Thursday Night:


    BB Bench Press - 4 x 5-12 reps
    Dips - 2 x 15 reps
    Incline DB Press - 4 x 6-12 reps
    Decline DB Press - 3 x 8-12 reps


    Seated Alternating DB Curl - 4 x 6-10
    Seated Hammer Curl - 3 x 8-12
    Reverse Barbell Curl - 3 x 10-15
    One-arm Preacher DB curl - 2 x 15

    ============================== ================

    The pumps I got for biceps were unreal. Arms are a weak point for me, and i've never really been able to get a good mind-muscle connection with my biceps. But today, I felt every blistering rep from my 2nd set till the end. Hell, I can barely type at the moment..

    Feeling really good "mood-wise". Haven't felt this happy in years

    One question for anyone who can answer:

    Currently I am taking a cup of Grapefruit juice with my D-Bol, because I heard it's the best method for absorption. My question is, is D-Bol best taken this way, or would it be better to take the Dbol before/after meals instead? And if the Grapefruit juice is the best method, then how long would I have to wait before I eat my next meal?

    Thanks! And more updates to come.

  5. Ok here's an update:

    After 9 days, my strength has gained on all lifts, and my energy is up throughout the day. The Test/Deca hasn't kicked in yet(meaning the Dbol is the only thing that's producing great results both physically and in mood), so I can't even imagine how good i'll be feeling when it finally does(probably in another week and a half).

    Did Chest and Triceps this morning, my triceps were looking bigger than ever, and the pump I got was unbelieveable!

    Bodyweight is up 2 lbs, to 230 lbs. I'm looking leaner though, yet my strength and lean mass is climbing like crazy already. Calories were bumped up to 5,000 a day on Monday.

    injected 200 mg Deca into left biceps
    injected 250 mg Test into left glute

    Bicep still a little sore, but will be ok to work biceps in another 2 days.
    Glute almost no pain at all. Still feel it a little whenever I sit down on the chair(ie right now as i'm typing), but the pain is hardly there.

    Till the next update.

  6. Keep up the good work bro, when the test kicks in you'll know it. LOL Good luck, J

  7. Thursday:

    Worked Delts this morning. Shoulders looking MUCH fuller, and strength is up from last week.

    Side Raises(pre-exhaust) 4 x 12-15
    Barbell Press 6 x 6-12
    Front Raises 3 x 10-15
    Rear Laterals 3 x 10-15

    Energy levels are great. Sex drive higher than normal from the Dbol still, but I can't wait till the Test kicks in!!!!

    Injected 250 cc Test in Right Delt
    Injected 200 cc Deca in Left Delt

    What is the general consensus for injecting a muscle group that has been worked that same day? Like today, I worked delts in the morning, and I injected them that very afternoon. Anyone that can let me know their opinions from personal experience/knowledge, please do!

    Feeling real bloated, especially in the face and abdomen. But it's ok, i'm not exactly in this for the "chiseled jaw Brad Pitt" look, anyways.

  8. Worked Back/Biceps today, and a couple hours after my workout I injected 200 mg Deca into right bicep, 250 mg Test into left bicep.

    Sitting at 232 in weight. Leaner than I was at the start, but more bloated of course. Bloat has gone down alot since I started taking 10 mg Nolva per day a few days ago.

    Again, I have to ask if there are any benefits/drawbacks to injecting the same muscle group you worked on that day? As in, I injected into my biceps a couple hours after my biceps workout today.

    Test still hasn't kicked in, but i'm sure another week will do it as it's been 2 weeks to the day since my first injection!

  9. Thursday I injected 250 mg test into right delt, 200mg Deca into left delt. Is it odd that I actually look forward to pinning myself? I get all excited(almost giddy) every time I take out the needles and supplies..i'm sure that's natural

    Worked Triceps/abs yesterday morning, and biceps at night. Pumps are extraordinary, and my arms look like they've caught up to my chest/back/delts already(as they were a weak point before). I've been eating over 5,000 cals consistently, and my weight has been steadily climbing. I'm up to 235 now, and leaner than I was at 228 when I started the cycle.

    More updates to come!

  10. Hey everyone,

    Been a while since the last update, heh. Been keeping everything down in a log book lately, but i'll still update this thread from time to time.

    Took a dose of HCG once I finished up the Dbol after the "almost" 4 weeks I was on that. My balls thanked me, as my "supplies" were the consistency of a watery nose run.(heh, not the best analogy, but I think you know what I mean)

    The Test finally kicked in yesterday!!! Unbelieveable, I feel like i've never lived before, now that I feel like this. The energy I have all-around is just amazing. Feeling great, looking better than ever, and also feeling stronger than ever. Weight is up to 237, and all lean weight so far, combined with fat loss.

    Was retaining water like crazy on dbol for the first 4 weeks(and have run out a few days ago). Can I expect much of the same while on the Test/Deca? And to what degree? Right now i'm not holding much water at all, and I hope it stays that way.

  11. Weight up to 238. Still leaner than when I started the cycle. Sex drive is great, and i'm feeling better overall with more energy than i've ever had in my life. Cycle's going great!

    Pinning Delts twice a week now for the Test/Deca. They're just the most convenient for me. Since I inject myself, I find glute injections quite awkward so I stopped doing them.

    The HCG is working like a charm. Pinning my biceps once a week now with 500 iu's each shot.

    Cals are 5,500 a day now. Hopefully my gains will come in a little faster, as i've been staying at 5,000 a day(and been pretty much at a standstill in weight, but losing fat) for a couple weeks now.


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