2 weeks in and feel fat?!

  1. 2 weeks in and feel fat?!

    I have been doing m1t @ 10mg/day and 4ad, 10 grams in Tgel 2 squirts a day, and also for the first week i used up the little bit of an old T1 gel I had

    anyway I am pleased with the results thus far, but I just feel fat, like my guT feels huge, although it doesn't look bad or anything....maybe I am just holding water?..what do yous think


  2. 4ad bro. Just bloat, don't worry.

  3. lol, chill....you'll have some water retention. Just don't go overboard on your caloric intake and you'll be just fine. Screw water, its temporary.

  4. ok thats what I was thinking, this is the first time I have ever done a Bulking cycle, all other times my concern was to drop fat and add a bit of LBM..now Im just trying to get some mass on...thanks for the reassurance though..


  5. I just did the exact same cycle & I felt the same way. I had just done 2 weeks of usnic acid a few weeks before the cycle & got rid of the majority of my abdominal fat. A week into the cycle, I was bloated as hell. I seem to hold a lot of the water in the lovehandle area, so it was even worse. It was depressing at times, but I lost 2-3 lbs of water weight the first day of PCT & looked much better.

    I tried to add swole v2 to my pct tp mantain weight. All that did was make me bloated again & have to piss every 20 minutes. I never get bloated from V12, I think I'll go back to that. Must somehow be the difference between tricreatine malate & dicreatine malate.

  6. yeah I think i am holding in my love handles also...i noticed i felt them like sitting on top of my belt..i was like wtf...then i just looked in the mirror and said..ok your chest looks bigger...i can live with it..lol

    Should I start doing cardio you think? I haven't done any really since i started this bulker...


  7. I started doing cardio 3 times a week for 25-30min due to the bloat I was feeling. It didnt affect gains at all, & I feel like like it helped keep me decently lean. The good thing was my face didnt bloat at all, it was mostly abdominal. I always try to do cardio at least 1-2x per week even when bulking.

    I think I may just run letro next time with m1t/4ad, the bloat was just too much. Felt like I was on dbol.

  8. yeah I think I am going to start some cardio..no bloat in my face either..that I can see..plus I am sure someone would have told me at work...

    I bought some ab-solved from avant labs to use with my PCT...


  9. I think it may be the methyl-1-test.

    It has caused serious abdominal bloating in some users.

  10. I got some abdominal bloat from the M1T as well... it went away post cycle lost 5 lbs of water within a couple of days.

  11. think i should start the absolved now, or wait until pct?


  12. id wait til post cycle. Id be real surprised if your cortisol levels, even locally, would be that high when your on cycle. Unless you are really overtraining or don't know **** about diet etc (which I don't think is the case). Now post cycle, with the androgens clearing, cortisol will rise and absolved or a fl-7 like product would be beneficial.

  13. I was probably going to wait until pct....but I have had a ton of added stress, just from different things, work, school, life in general...lol..and from what I read, coritsol increases locally with added stress or something like that?

    btw: diet is good, def not overtraining...I should probably be training harder in fact.


  14. I'd wait on the absolved. I always use a 7-keto homebrew with PCT, it seem to work well.

    I didnt really notice any bloat on my 1st m1t cycle. I think that's because I had a few grams on OHT in the 4ad transdermal. On this last one, I still had OHT but it was only 2g per 4oz (w/ 8g 4ad). I think I'll go with a little more OHT & see if that helps next time.

  15. ok..I will wait..not a big deal...taking 10mcg T3 for the past 2 days also, just to help out with metabolism.

    I am hoping this absolved works well for me, SubQ fat is not really so bad, but VAT seems to be a little high...my gut sticks out a lot further then I want ..



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