My first Hdrol cycle, and a little help with PCT...

  1. My first Hdrol cycle, and a little help with PCT...

    Hey I've been working out for around 2 years now, and am looking to do my first cycle of H Drol. (Originally was going to do M-Drol) but I went with H Drol because I read it was the least harsh, so I figured it would be good to start with.

    I don't plan on starting my cycle until Dec. 21st, so I still have room for changes.

    I'll be doing H-Drol for 4 weeks. Eating 3500 calories a day. Working out 4 days week. I really don't want to stack anything, since this is my first time doing this.

    then for my PCT I'll be running
    Post Cycle Support

    I know my PCT is weak, but for the life of me, I can't get my hands on Nolvadex or Clomid (I know, google it, but I get weird about ordering things online, so I've been asking around locally). Is it possible to run PCT with just OTC when using H-Drol?

    My stats are...
    24 Years Old
    220lbs. (Originally was 275, cut down to 188 and have been trying to bulk correctly since)

  2. I've read OTC is okay with Hdrol at mild doses.. I'm gonna go on a limb and say if you don't go over 75mg you'll be fine- What you have is a decent base.. I'd personally get some either T-911 (my favorites test booster) or maybe try out some of Diesel Test Hardcore or something along those lines..

  3. My OTC pct I put together for my hdrol run was reversitrol, PCS, and lean f/x

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