When to start Clomid

  1. When to start Clomid

    Hey I am 6'4 240lbs and currently on Hemobolin 250. also taking liver care and prostate care. I have Clomid and and going to do 150/100/50/50. Just want to know when you guys think I should start it. Thanks aton

  2. how high are u dosing the hemobolin? and is clomid the only thing ur using for pct? but regardless u start pct the day after ur last dose of the hemobolin.

  3. I took the first pill yesterday and it is dosed at 250mg a day I know it sounds high the pill is so little though I cannot even break it in half
  4. Question

    I kno its a proprietary blend which isnt the best thing when it comes to ph especially when its a blend of hdrol, SD, and EPi. because u dont really kno how many mg of everything ur getting and if its even dosed high enough considering out the of the 250mg tab it also has tribulus in it. but if the sd is dosed high enough im sure ull see good gains and probably be shut down too. but what else are u using for pct and is this ur first cycle?

  5. I know i was pretty pissed they didn't say how much of each compound was in it, but i have done a cycle of cyclobolan and made awesome gains and saw little side effects(knock on wood for this cycle). I did research on Hemobolin and alot of good reviews and it is hard to find superdrol compounds now. But i have a natty test booster,clomid for pct liver care and prostate care for cycle and pct you think i should pick up somethin else?

  6. just use a SERM for PCT and watch your body and you'll be ok.

  7. So the 150/100/50/50 would be good? and start day after cycle is done?

  8. yes start clomid day after last hemobolin dose


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