Check My X-tren/H-drol cycle

  1. Check My X-tren/H-drol cycle

    MY background:
    Height 5'11
    Weight 165
    Body building experience: 4 years
    Diet: 5500-6000 calories per day and 350 grams of protein. Do to my "situation" I heavily really on mass shakes and whey protein to fill out my diet.

    Hello, this is my first post here but I have been reading the board regularly. Allot of you guys put out some really great info; IMO AM's is one of the better boards on the web.
    Anyway, I was lifting regularly over the past 4 years until last year when I decided that I would fulfill one of my goals which was to run a full marathon. So I did however in the process I lost about 35ish lbs. I went from 175-180 to 140lbs by the time I completed the marathon. 3 months ago I started hitting the gym to regain my strength and size. This is my first ever cycle and I am both excited and nervous. After doing allot of research and talking to others who have done similar cycles this what I have come up with.

    Xtren 90/90/90/90/90/90
    H-drol 50/50/50/75/75/75
    Life support
    Liver support

    Stoked 04/04/04/04
    Reduce XT 00/00/06/04/02/02
    Cycle support 02/02/01/00
    Clomid 75/50/50/00
    Nolvadex 30/30/20/10
    Inhibit-E 00/00/03/03/02/01

    I also already take:
    Multi V
    Flaxseed Oil

    What do you guys think?

  2. It looks like you have everything set up nicely; however I'm not sure how wise of a decision it is to run two PHs together for your first cycle. You'd be much better off running a cycle of just hdrol, then a cycle of tren, AND then try stacking them. That way, if some strange sides start to pop up you'll know exactly which compound they are coming from and you'll know how your body responds to each and if they are even really worth stacking in the first place.

  3. 100% agree, and at your height/weight you have plenty to go naturually eassssyyyy. If you can't hit 180lbs at that height naturually then something is wrong with your diet/training/etc.

  4. Alright, I will most definatly drop the X-tren and save it for later.

  5. I am on a hdrol cycle now, only do 50 for 2 weeks and third week kick it up to 75. At 50 it is really weak and I barely noticed anything. I have a bottle of tren here that I am gonna run in the future with some hdrol, soupposed to give good dry gains

  6. yah wasnt really sure how long I would actualy run 50 for. Since its my first cycle I figured I would just go slow and just adjust the dosage based upon how my body reacts.

  7. Check out my log, this is my first ph run too... Give you an idea of what to expect

  8. *UPDATE*
    Its wednesday and I am 9 days into my cycle. I didnt notice any negative side effetcs during the first week so I increased my dosage to 75/perday. So far I have gained 5 lbs and all my lifts are increasing more than usual. For example, yesterday when benched I took the weight that I struggled with last week, added 10 lbs and was able to kock it out and even add 3 more reps. It could be a placibo effect, its too early to tell I suppose.
    Today (wednesday) I had some intresting things happen. at about 1130 I was hit with an incredible wave of hunger. Usualy I am pretty hungry for lunch, but never like this. The closest food joint was a taco bell. I went in and ate about 3000 calories (more taco bell than I have ever been able to eat at one sitting). Afterwards I went home and took a nap. At about 2:30pm I was woken by an even more intense hunger. So I drank a 2200 calorie shake but I was still very hungry. So I drank another 2200 shake which and ate about 400 calories worth of diced grill chicken. About 2 minutes after I ate I errupted like a volcano and threw up, so much throw up that I filled my enitre sink (sorry for the graphic details). I hope it doesnt have anything to do with the H-drol.
    Other than feeling like I have rabies and threw up today; I have only had positive results. As far as throwing up, It could be anything I suppose.

    Has anybody had a simular reaction?

    Well, back to eating I am starving again, hopefully I wont have another bullemic moment.

  9. Prolly just a stomach bug... It's been going around

  10. I had to stop early. On day 15 I was experincing instense anxiety and i couldnt sleep.
    I think some personal things might have "amped" the side effects. I am gonig to start my PST and try x-tren in a few weeks.
    I did gain 7 pounds and my lifts were we increasing very quickly by day 7. MY body definatly responds to H-drol, I do look foward to trying it again later.

  11. you didn't preload hawthorn berries, which is what is effecting your blood pressure and anxiety. start dosing hawthorn or cycle support, etc 2 weeks prior to starting a cycle.

  12. Yah i definatly didnt preload. Kinda makes me mad that I overlooked it. I THOUGHT I did a lot of research.

  13. the first cycle almost always has something overlooked - i did it too the first cycle i did.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    the first cycle almost always has something overlooked - i did it too the first cycle i did.
    Same here, didn't pre-load for my epi cycle and just had some headaches throughout. Nothing terrible but they were slight and generally last 5-10 sec. I knew about pre-load but decided to piss on it.....learned my lesson haha.


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