My LGP M1T and 4AD+ Cycle Log

  1. My LGP M1T and 4AD+ Cycle Log

    2 years serious
    Need Size 5X5 program now
    Diet consists of 2300 calories - 273 protein, 124 carbs and 80 fats.

    Days 1 - 10 10 mg/ed (In the morning at 9:00 am)
    Days 11 – 21 10 - 15 mg/ed, depending on gains

    Days 1 – 21 500 mg/ed (8 ml in the AM and 8 ml in the PM)

    R-ALA 1000 mgs ED
    Hawthorn Berry 1100 mgs ED
    Vitamin C 2000 mgs ED
    Potassium 400 mgs ED

    Days 22 – 35 40 mg/ed
    Days 36 – 42 20 mg/ed

    Milk Thistle
    Days 22 – 42 1000 mgs ED

  2. Day 1

    Thursday March 4th

    M1T 10 mgs 9:00 am

  3. Day 2

    Friday March 5th

    M1T 10 mgs 9:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 6:30 am
    8 mls 8:00 pm

    Trained at 1:30 pm Using the 5X5 program as outlined by Needsize on Steroidology

    Nice pump probably too early to be the M1T yet, but still a solid pump, strong on close grip bench and curls.

    Had shoulder pain in my left shoulder before workout that I have never experienced before, felt it just using the bar warming up for close grip bench.

    No lethargy, felt good all day
  4. Day 3

    Saturday March 6th

    M1T 10 mgs 10:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 9:00 am
    8 mls 10:00 pm


    Good workout, felt the workout for a good while after I was done and back at work.

    No lethargy, felt good all day.
  5. Day 4

    Sunday March 7th

    M1T 10 mgs 10:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 8:30 am
    8 mls 7:00 pm

    Cardio in the AM

    Had a little trouble getting up, more than usual, but then who doesn’t want to sleep in on Sunday morning

  6. Day 5

    Monday March 8th

    M1T 10 mgs 10:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 7:00 pm
    8 mls 10:00 pm


    Strong with great pumps and I usually do not get the pumped feeling with chest like I had today. I was really strong on the 5X5 bench.

    No lethargy today at all.
  7. Day 6

    Tuesday March 9th

    M1T 10 mgs 9:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 7:00 am
    Missed evening 4 AD+

    Missed Shoulder/Back workout because of work, did cardio in the evening at home for 30 minutes at 4.0 on the treadmill.
  8. Day 7

    Wednesday March 10th

    M1T 10 mgs 11:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 7:30 am
    8 mls 8:00 pm


    Really solid workout, 5X5 on military press and dead lifts were strong.

    No lethargy felt good today
  9. Day 8

    Thursady March 11th

    M1T 10 mgs 9:00 am
    4AD + 8 mls 7:00 am
    8 mls 9:30 pm

    Cardio Only today, 40 minutes at speed of 4.0 on the treadmill

    Did not feel as good today as I have since starting the M1T. Felt a little weak, good thing I was not lifting today.
  10. Day 9

    Friday March 12th

    Took my first weight over the first week of the stack and I am at 211 pounds and my waist is measuring 36.5”. UP 7 POUNDS AND WAIST HAS NOT CHANGED.

    M1T 10 mgs 10:30 am
    4AD + 8 mls 8:00 am
    8 mls 11:30 pm


    Best pump I have ever had on an arm day that I can remember.
    Close grips went up good poundage on my 5X5.
    Finished off with superset of Skull Crushers and Preacher Curls and my arms felt like they were going to explode.

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