Need some advice on what i should do with this bottle of M1T

  1. Exclamation Need some advice on what i should do with this bottle of M1T

    i have a bottle of M1T 20mg and its been in my brothers car for about a year. I want to know if it could still be good after sitting in a hot car for a year??? Oviously i dont know about it. So if it is good then im goin to take a cycle. I do know that i need to get PCT and liver support but i dont know wat products i need to buy or what there called.

  2. You need a SERM for a proper pct with M1T thats for sure.

  3. all the answers to your questions are on here, just search. and if this is your first cycle DON"T use m1t, that could easily be the most toxic, hardest to use, steroid made.

  4. Throw that poison away.

  5. sell it in the auction section on this forum. get an easy 100$ for it

  6. Forget about it and get your hands on some Superdrol instead

    M1T is sketchy enough without worrying about any chemical degradation from heat
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