Let the Games Begin...

  1. Let the Games Begin...

    Allright, Im approaching the time for an upcoming cycle.. so with out further adue... heres my plan. I will be running Havoc and X-tren.
    Havoc: 30-30-30-30
    X-tren: 90-90-90-90

    *how would i want to split the dosage up during the day? Im not sure about that...

    Chlomid 100mg for 4 days, then 50mg for the remainder of 2 weeks
    Nolva 20mg for 30 days?

    *on cycle support will be AI cycle support, nutra fish oil, ATW whey isolate, and nutra kwik carb
    Pct support: any suggestions or will AI post cycle support be sufficient with the staples? do i need a test booster with SERMs?

    -My goal is to mainly for a nice clean lean bulk, not so much focused on quantity of pounds gained as much as the quality, caloric intake will be about 3700. starting weight will be 195 at approx. 13-14% body fat. I will post pics when i get a chance.

  2. save for pics

  3. Final Review


  4. *you don't NEED a test booster but they are cheap, i like trip and ZMAs

    *best to start with lower dose and ramp up more slowly. Xtren is powerful ****, start at 60mg and I'd run the cycle one more week to 5 weeks.

    *Some people prefer not to take Xtren before bed but I found no difference in my sleep. Fine tune it for yourself but I just take them evenly throughout the day. I find that hormone volatility can cause sides just as much as high dose so I aim to keep the blood level even.

    * get blood work done now so you have a baseline.

    Looks like fun though man!

  5. so run the tren 5 weeks and the havoc for 4? i already know what to expect with the havoc, but not the tren. Also, is it ok to take both at the same time? or should i stagger the compounds dosage during the day, while keeping them split up evenly in 6 hour increments, for example?
    -Ill talk to my doc about bloodwork, but i am deployed so we will see. he should hook it up though.
    -how does the PCT look other than adding a test booster? ive never ran SERMs before, but decided that stacking was too risky without one.



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