FYI, this is just a partial blood test(s) result from the start of week 5 of my 6 week cycle. It is also the gist of my cycle (completed) and PCT and results so far.

I will be going back for a full CBC, hormone panel, estradiol, estrone, FSH, LH, thyroid panel, blood chemistry, etc either right after I finish PCT (started yesterday, 11/7/09) or a few weeks after PCT (anybody know which would be the better time?) as part of my annual physical.

Side note: I expect some criticisms for not running this or that long enough to see results, but I added some things late in the process out of necessity (true medical necessity as I had a skin ulcer (recurring, so 2 actually on my buttock area due to lack of muscle mass-they are completely healed now and I have finally quit taking Percocet 40mg/day after several months-went through withdrawal during the cycle even tapering the dose and still kept calories high somehow), and I am following the 6 week max protocol recommended by Primordial Performance and substantiated elsewhere since HCG was not desired; the next cycle will be very well planned out with mid-cycle bloodwork again and even more liver and cholesterol supps since they appear to be needed)

Prior Experience:
A few "cycles" of 1-T THP Ether and 3 cycles of M1T (including an idiotic 20mg/day 4 week, by-by nuts and liver cycle with some intermittent games of power hour for extra liver protection-the stupidity of youth, but I still have a lot to learn); did work out 5 days a week for 2-3 years in college; nothing significant since, including this cycle

27 years old; cannot workout for medical reasons; had a medical need to add some mass though, experiment worked

Basic Cycle Info:
Weeks 1-6: 1-T Tren, 5 pumps a day

Weeks 2-6: De-methylated stanozol (Winabol-the pyrazol not Winnabol the furazol), 300mg/day (50mg caps, 2 caps TID)

Weeks 3-6: Halodrol (H-Drol by CEL), 75mg/day (25mg tid); I know that 3 weeks isn't enough to see much from this compound, but I saw a bit good from it, and some bad like left foot edema so bad the first few days (before I started sucking down L-Taurine and letrozole) that I could barely put a shoe on; it went away in a week or so thankfully; I started at 50mg a day for the first week after going straight to 75mg which I did for weeks 4-6, so that may have been a factor

Weeks 2 or 3-5: Letrozole, .25mg e3days (this stuff is strong!); some will question the logic of this, but despite claims to the contrary I think that dienolone (what "Tren" converts to) and possibly even the parent compound 19-norandrosta-something or other) which is also anabolic (according to Anabolic Pharmacology by Seth Roberts, I think) is capable of increasing estrogen levels; also, this seemed to help with the left foot edema above (weird reaction-started the day that I took the first H-Drol caps so who knows)

Weeks 3-10 (just ended week 6, hence PCT included, just started, not complete, etc): Sustain Alpha 5 on 2 off, Toco-8 daily (the PP TRS stack)

Weeks 6-10: EndoAmp daily (TRS-whoever said this tastes "nutty", well, it tastes more like dirty sand to me-maybe some crystal light?-I can handle liquid nolva better than this)

Weeks 1-7: UDCA (Ursodiol) 250mg bid (500mg/day total)

Weeks 8-12: Liv.52 (per instructs)

Weeks 6-10: Nolvadex 10mg/day

Weeks 6-10: BlueUp Natty Test Booster 2caps/day (I already have some pretty oily skin from this cycle and about 7 pimples on my chest that need popping and one on my nose, so I started using a small amount of Retin-A on my face finally-the blackheads are out of control on my nose too-supposedly these natty boosters worsen acne through free Test level increases (I know; you know that already, but I have never used these test boosters before or even know if they are needed but it was like $20 so why not)-I generally never get acne BTW unless I don't shower for a week or something)

Weeks 2-9: CEL Cycle Assist 4 caps bid (missed some doses and didn't front-load, oh well, will use rest for PCT)

Start Weight and BF Week 1: 146 lbs, ~12% BF

Highest Weight and BF on Cycle (weeks 4-5 probably): 175 lbs, ~20% BF

Weight and BF on Day 1 of PCT: 167 lbs, ~17% (with no clothing; weighed 172 at the doctor about 10 days ago, but had a lot of clothing and stuff on me too)

Macros: ~4000 Cal/day in 4-5 meals (I hate food now; hard gainer; puked in my mouth a few times trying to get above my BMR in quality calories-starting BMR was ~3000 Cal/day; ending was ~3250 Cal/day); probably high complex carbs, medium-high protein (~1.25-1.75g/lb/day), and medium healthy fats

Other daily supps: 20g BCAAs, 10g L-taurine, 2 scoops of 10-15g/day Flax Oil, 3g/day fish oil, OptiMen Multi (3 tabs/day), 10g creatine/day (as the Con-Cret/conjugated creatine equiv), 5-10g glutamine/day (as the AAKG equiv), Joint Support 3 caps/day, CLA 4g/day

Other medications already taking:
-Percocet 5/325(the acetaminophen part): 40mg/day (8 tabs; so 2600mg of tylenol a day; I don't drink at all either); tapering down mid cycle/concurrent and just finished taking them about 4 days ago (so 0 tabs/day)
-Hmm, now that I think about it, all the acetaminophen in those [email protected] percocets probably made my liver enzymes hit a high note when I added a methyl into the mix; at least the percs are done with, so I technically don't take this medication anymore.

-Diazepam (for pre-existing muscle spasms): 45mg/day

-Baclofen (for spasms): 60mg/day
-Side note: These two meds control my abnormal baseline muscle spasms quite well, but either the H-Drol or the De-methylated stanozol gave me wicked muscle cramps in all different places on my body; I got the calf and lower back pumps presumably from the H-Drol and the Taurine is a must IMO; but I think the de-methyl stanozol gave me the cramps-I had some vicious calf and hamstring cramps at night and feet during the day, but the most painful by far were the abdominal cramps (like a single ab muscle on either side would just go nuts)-it felt like I got shot-I was actually moaning and crying yesterday for about 2-3 minutes from an upper right ab and shoulder cramp (the ab cramp bowed me in half and seemed to pull in the shoulder as well) and that was the 1st day of PCT

-Protonix (for acid reflux): 40mg/day

-Dexedrine (for ADHD, not obesity): 32.5mg/day

Now the bloodwork:
(1) I had a physical about 6 months ago and nothing was outside of the reference value range; my aminotransferase levels were in the high 20's to low 30's; my cholesterol total was 188 with about 80 of it being good cholesterol

(2) Enough blathering, the blood test results (just the vital stuff was tested) from 10/27/09; out of range values are in bold, as are in range values that are high normal or low normal with questions/comments attached:

Basic Metabolic Panel:
Sodium: 140 (136-145)
Potassium: 5.5 (3.5-5.3) (should have laid off the bananas I guess since hyperkalemia seems common on cycle anyway)
Chloride: 102 (97-110)
Carbon Dioxide: 29 (24-32)
Anion Gap: 9 (5-15)
Glucose: 76 (70-99) (could this be the 1-T lethargy mechanism?)
Blood Urea Nitrogen: 15 (7-23)
Creatinine: .65 (.60-1.30) (good anti-catabolic stack I guess, but I am no genius here)
Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR): >60 (>60)
Calcium: 10.2 (8.7-10.7) (again, may be typical during a cycle, but seems higher than at my last physical 6 months ago)

Hepatic Function Panel (there are some high values here, but none marked as critical, and the docs advice was to taper off the supps which I have done anyway):
Total Protein: 7.9 (6.0-8.0) (typical on cycle?)
Albumin: 4.6 (3.5-4.8) (see above; I have read that a high value for this and the above can be a bad indication of liver function)
Total Bilirubin: .7 (.3-1.2)
Direct Bilirubin: .1 (0.0-0.4)
Alkaline Phosphatase: 57 (30-115)
Maybe this is what UDCA does, because it didn't seem to do much for the next values...maybe combine Liv.52, UDCA, and Cycle Assist next time?
AST: 88 (10-40)
ALT: 173 (!) (10-40)-I wonder how long this is safe for, how quick it will rebound, and how much all that tylenol/Percocet I was taking affected it since H-Drol is supposed to be a more mild methyl than others?

Cholesterol, Total: 241 (up from 188 6 months ago, probably due more to the letro than the H-Drol; probably won't use letro again unless on an aromatizing cycle; kept sat fats low during cycle, but did eat 2 eggs a day)
Triglyceride: 102 (<150)
Cholesterol, HDL: 19 (40-59)
Cholesterol, Non-HDL: 222
Cholesterol, LDL: 202 (<130)
Cholesterol, VLDL: 20
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 12.7 (<5.0)

Glycohemoglobin Alc: 5.3 (4.4-6.0)
Estimated Ave Gluc: 105

That's all I've got for now; will report back with post-PCT results along with full CBC and hormone levels and if I have maintained my gains, etc.

If anyone has any questions or answers to any of the one blood work ones above, I would be happy to answer or listen.