Need some advice for fors ph/ds cycle.

  1. Need some advice for fors ph/ds cycle.

    sorry for the lengthy post, but i need to be throrough.

    -havoc and/or winabol (orastan-a)?
    -cycle length 4w or bridge methyl havoc 3-4wk then nonmethyl 3-4wk then nolva pct 4-6wk?
    -what liver support? (going to run multi and lipid stabil)
    -creatine on cycle?

    years lifting-5

    goals -recomposition, maintain the scale weight but drop the body fat
    -help speed recovery of back injured a year ago in very bad car accident(week musculature and weak/inflamed connective tissue)

    Was initially going to run test-e for maintenance and deca for the muscles c.t., but my source got pinched.

    Looking to run a mild ph. I've got winabol and havoc on hand. was initailly going to stack the non methylated winnabol (demethylated furzabol/winstrol properties) with havoc. upon further research, i've found they both act on androgen receptors, so it would supersaturate and be a waste. On top of that, havoc has a stronger affinity to androgen receptor, would probably be a complete waste of the winabol.

    I was thinking of bridging a 3 or 4 week cycle of each and wanted to get some opinions

    Option a
    week 1-4
    20/30/30/40 (84 tabs) extend 2 days to finish bottle
    week 4-7
    150/150/150/ (only have 60 tabs, so cut one day short)
    pct of nolva
    (not sure how to dose it)

    option b, 4 week of either substance

    50/100/150/150 (cut 1 day short)

    winabol contains
    5a- androstano[2,3-c]furazan-17-tetrahydropyranol ether 50mg
    magnesium 200mg %50
    potassium 90mg %3
    vitamin b6 20 mg %1000

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  2. bump
    doing some research,was thinking of running 2 bottles of winnabol
    so epi same as before weeks 1-4, then winnabol weeks 5-8 followed by pct?

    or should i just run the epi standalone first cycle, ad save the winny for my next cycle

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