PCT with Torem and ai good? Entire cycle info

  1. PCT with Torem and ai good? Entire cycle info

    Im doin an H-Drol cycle with 11-oxo and a little Form the last 2 weeks

    it looks like this



    Torem-120 for 2-3days,90 rest of week,60/30/30
    PCT Assist the entire PCT

    preload usual supports and use all way through

    Any critiques are wanted, except for me starting with 25 first week, im not changing that

  2. why are u tapering the hdrol the last week? either keep it at 75 or bump to 100

  3. kk i will keep it at 75

    has anyone ever taken clomid once a week after shutdown to make it not as hard or is that a retarded thing to suggest. I know people use hCG

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