starting 8 week cycle recording progress and results

  1. starting 8 week cycle recording progress and results

    Well I have been picking at a lot of your minds in the chat room and its time to put all that knowledge to work. I began my 8 week cycle today. Starting weight in middle of workout was @ 229lbs(forgot to weigh before I started).
    My cycle consist of:
    T1 pro 2 squirts 2x a day
    1,4 andro 300 mg 1 pill 3x a day
    Liver tabs 4 pills with each meal
    Simply Whey
    I did a similar cycle last year with less quality products and got great results. So I am highly anticipating the end result of this cycle. I am gonna give weekly updates and even daily results on how everything is going for the next 8 weeks.
    I am gonna split my 8 week cycle into 2, 4 week phases focusing on a different goal for each. T1 pro and 1,4 will remain constant for the entire cycle.
    Phase One (weeks 1-4) Goal Train for Growth
    5 day training split rep range between 6-12
    Phase Two (weeks 5-8) Goal Train for Cutting
    3 day training split reps between 4-8
    Cardio 3 - 4 times a weeks 30- 60 min duration
    The Diet will be basically Cycling carbs throughout the day. I will be keeping a log and making adjustments.
    The deadline is March 8 exactly 8 weeks.
    Wish me luck

  2. First day is almost over. It has been ruff to say the least ... started feeling like crap through the night. I am/was coming down with something. I have been taking high doses of vit C and a big serving of ibuprofen. Just starting to feel better.
    Well enough of that stuff... I checked on my shipment today and said that it didnt arrive because the truck broke down(just my luck). Itll be here Tuesday/tomorrow. I really wanted to start my cycle today so I used the leftover trenabol x that I had in my medicine cabinet. I couldnt wait til tomorrow. I had to get some ph's in my system(hehe).
    I bought some Uni liver tabs today and am using them for the first time. I must have taken atleast 20 so far. 4 with each meal is kinda my guideline for now.
    The diet is going well and I am actually writing down everything I eat. I am writing down there prot/carb content for each meal and just got done adding up all the Calories for the day. A whopping 2000 calories(hehe gonna up it tomorrow). So tomorrow I will be tweaking the diet adding more carbs and protein. Currently consumed 250 grams of protein for the day not including protein may be getting from carbs and liver pills. And 250 grams of carbs not including small amounts coming from my protein sources.
    Training went good today did chest and abs. Felt awesome pumps...the weights arent all that much but I definetly stimulated some growth.
    This is a great first day of 55 more to come.

  3. Progress already.... Down 5 lbs weighed in on Saturday. @224lbs
    Weighed in on Monday before workout 1/27 @227lbs
    Check out the weights I used last week for chest and compare them to this weeks. Very Interesting!!!!
    Incline Barbell
    Last week: 12x135 10x155 8x185 6x205 6x205
    Today: 15x135 10x185 8x205 6x225
    Incline Dumbell
    Last week: 10x55 8x65 6x70 6x70
    Today: 8x70 6x80 4x90
    Decline Hammer
    Last week: 15x135 12x185 10x225 8x275
    Today: 8x315 6x315 6x315

    Last week was rough and not easy to stick to my progam. I havent started cardio yet and just started eating clean. I am getting awesome pumps. My arms got a pump yesterday just taking out the trash. I got a ways to go but I am on my way.
    Eat Big Lift Big Eat Poi!!!!!!!!!!!!

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