Hdrol and liver protection

  1. Hdrol and liver protection

    So Im looking to start my 1st cycle in a couple week. But Im kind of confused about liver protection. I know I need milk thistle and saw palmetto. Do I really need to buy anything else. Do I really need red yeast extract of even grape extract. Thats in all of these liver detox pills? Any help?

  2. Just Buy AI Cycle Support (Chocolate) and Preload it for 2 weeks then start your H Drol and continue the Cycle Support. Dont start either till you have your PCT in you cabinet

  3. Reversitols in the mail.

  4. I used Reversiotol as my PCT as well as AI Post Cycle Support. I would not use just Reversitol. I live in a dorm room with 2 other guys and we all used H Drol as our First PH. One of my Room Mates did H Drol 75/75/100/100/100/100 was to smart for any kind of Multi Vitamin or Cycle Support and only used Reversitol and developed a Lump under his Nipple. This in turn caused me and my other Roomie to panic and start feeling our selves up constantly for weeks convincing myself i had Gyno till i talked with some very expierenced people on here just days ago to prove me other wise. The point is Reversitol may be enough if you do a low dose but from seeing this first hand have a SERM in your posession before you do anything. He has a very painful lump that was the size of a BB night before last and is actually bigger today. Just make sure you have what you need Before you start. And dont go over kill I did not go over 75 I went 50/50/75/75 (Was going for another week at 75 till Sh!t hit the fan in Dorm 234) and saw increases as well as body changes. Good Luck

  5. Not trying to scare but no one IMO is immune to Gyno. Even the most experienced user can have a possibility with this side. Reversitol is a great product and if you have your ducks in a row you should be fine with it just research a serm alittle more to be 100% prepared

  6. Competitive Edge Labs
    Cycle Assist and PCT Assist can I use this instead of AI cycle support and their pct

  7. Hdrol doesn't cause gyno. It actually lowers your estrogen.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Nickasher View Post
    Competitive Edge Labs
    Cycle Assist and PCT Assist can I use this instead of AI cycle support and their pct
    Im also curious on this too! thank you


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