Contest prep cycle...any thoughts bro's

  1. Contest prep cycle...any thoughts bro's

    I am a 34 yo male 240 pounds. Training 9+ years. This is my 2nd competition. I will be training 5 days a week. the 6th day for abs, or lagging parts. Cardio 45 minutes stairmill in the am. I will be eating High protein moderate card moderate fat diet. It works for me. I use animal pak, animal cuts, liv 52, glutamine, whey, hawthorne, taurine, bcaa, purple wraath, and creatine.

    epi, tren with a phera plex bridge. I will dose tren pretty high after a taper up during week 1 and 2. Epi will pe pretty consistent, and phera will work up to around 50mg for around 3-4 weeks in the middle.

    Any thoughts
    PCT will be inhibit E, Trib, ZMA, Black dragon PCT, and well see from there.

  2. So u want to stack 3 orals? Hmmm prob not best idea... Maybe drop the phera and run epi and tren for 6 wks with clen 2wks on 2 wks off. But BP may be a big issue with tren and the clen. Possibly sub the tren for hdrol run it 50/50/75/75/100/100 with epi 30/30/40/40/50/50 and clen. That is if u don't want to go inj route which would have more optionsabd prob work better.

  3. Ohh yeah is there a serm in ur pct?

  4. No SERM, but have never had issues with estro conversion. Most of the cycle is only 2 orals, and I get BP checked whenever I want to. I am military. I will not use injectibles, and will not be using these much longer. The way things are going now, they will be gone soon.

    A year or so ago, I did one like this but bridged with M14ADD with great results. I have never done clen. Only read about it. Thanks so much for the input.

  5. If you r contest prep I would shy away from phera. That's my 2 cents. Maybe even looking at winny or var maybe stacked with tren or epi both for me seem to be very dry and good for recomp/cuts.



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