quick hdrol cycle check b4 I start

  1. quick hdrol cycle check b4 I start

    So I got this hdrol a while back during a sale at NP and just been putting off the cycle but I am sure I am ready now just got bloodwork done and doc says everything looks perfect. Gonna start cycle support monday. Here is what I got planned

    B4 cycle
    Preload Cycle support 2 scoops a day for 2 weeks

    h-drol 50/50/75/75

    Post cycle support 4/4/4/4
    revistrol 3/2/2/1
    lean xtreme as directed on label

    daily supps
    multi vitamin
    bromelin 1xday
    CLA 3xday
    Fish oil 3xday
    acidipholous 1xday
    valerian 2 before bed
    night rest 2 before bed (has GABA, magneisum,taurine,melatonin, and some flower extracts)
    scivation whey daily

    Workout supps
    Caffiene free raganork pre workout
    scivatin xtend during workout with aakg
    xtend post workout
    also have taurine on hand

    Diet will be a keto diet (AD diet). Am planning to stay in ketosis thought the entire 4 week cycle with no cheat/carb days. Want to minimize BF gain and will be shooting for minimum of 2500-3500 calories. Will eat when hungry/tired. Just gonna try to listen to my body and eat when I need food and not force food down. I know I wont grow as much but not looking for much just some decent strength gains and size.

    not too sure about this but this is what I am thinking

    The goal of is to increase the volume (number of sets) each week. In
    addition to adding sets each week, you should always strive to lift a greater load each workout.

    • Week 1 = 2 sets per exercise.
    • Week 2 = 3 sets per exercise.
    • Week 3 = 4 sets per exercise.
    Week 4 = 5 sets per exercise
    Rest time = 90 seconds between sets.

    Workout 1 Back+Traps
    Workout 2 Chest+Shoulders
    Workout 3 Legs
    Workout 4 Arms

    Deadlift 3-5 X 6-10
    Barbell Pullover 3-5 X 6-10
    Bent Over Row 3-5 X 6-10
    BB Shrug 3-5 X 6-10

    Bench Press 3-5 X 6-10
    Incline DB Press 3-5 X 6-10
    Military Press 3-5 X 6-10
    Upright Row 3-5 X 6-10

    Squats 3-5 X 6-10
    Stiff Leg Deadlift 3-5 X 6-10
    Leg Extension 3-5 X 6-10
    Leg Curl 3-5 X 6-10
    Lunges 3-5 X 6-10

    BB Cheat Curl 3-5 X 6-10
    Close Grip Bench 3-5 X 6-10
    Skull Crusher 3-5 X 6-10
    Preacher Curl 3-5 X 6-10
    Standing Calf Raise 3-5 X 6-10
    Also on off days gonna be rotating in Ab workouts, sled drags, sandbag drills, kettlebell drills,punching bag drills. Want to stay as active as possible with basically only sunday as a true rest day which I will do some yoga and stretch

    really open to any suggestions for the workout. I might do the above and just do a 5x5 of them, not sure.

    *Also somethings I just want to clear up*

    As for dosing the hdrol they are 25mg pills. When I do 50 and 75mg days are they all taken at once or spaced?

    Also I read it is good to take with a fatty meal, I usually lift first thing in the morning before breakfeast, is this a poblem? Would I take the hdrol B4 or wait till after?

    And for PCT is everything taken together? Like everyday during pct I take lean xtremem, PCS, and reversitrol?? Or are the seperated?

    I think thats everything. Looking for any constrctive critisim, thanks!!!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  2. u should always have a SERM if ur going to run any PH

  3. Quote Originally Posted by slacker86 View Post
    u should always have a SERM if ur going to run any PH
    i understand ur concern and while I know guys who mess with roids and can get a serm like nolva or clomid fairly easy I want to avoid one if it is not necessary. How does my OTC PCT look?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  4. Ur OTC PCT looks ok, i personally dont like reversitol because its a "matrix" and doesnt actually tell u the amounts of the ingredients u need to be taking. PCS is good, lean extreme is good for a cortblocker.

    The reason i say u need a SERM is because if something does happen u dont have a whole lot of time to respond, somethings get better with time some things get worse, i mean its up to u just saying if i where in ur shoes i wouldnt really take the chance of not having a SERM its not really worth the risk.

  5. Thanks, what about as far as a natty test booster? Do I have that covered? Do I need one? Or am I good as it is?
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  6. i personally think the best natty test booster out there is sustain alpha by primordial performance. Do some research and see what u come up with, the most popular is sustain alpha and diest test hardcore. u could prob get away with what ur taking now tho, my only concern is not having a SERM.

  7. Takes 2 wks or so for hdrol to kick in... Want to run for 6wks: 50/50/75/75/100/100

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post
    Takes 2 wks or so for hdrol to kick in... Want to run for 6wks: 50/50/75/75/100/100
    Since this is my first ph cycle I didn't want to push it too high and see how my body reacts to this first. I can always extend it and go higher if all is going good by 4th week but considering I never ran one before I am hoping that my body grows good with just 4 weeks

  9. Surprised no one has commented on my diet yet, expected people to be tellin me I have too low calories or comment on the fact I am avoiding carb days.. So I assume this is fine to do then?

  10. BUMP i am doing this exact cycle.. any other opinions??


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