Scottyo's Methyl-Dien Log

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  1. Scottyo's Methyl-Dien Log

    Well, with the general lack of feedback and testing of this compound, I am going ahead and doing a product testing cycle of Designer Supps Methyl-Dien. I hope to do daily reports, but this is all dependant on my personal schedule. I have several PH and AAS cycles under my belt, as well as a few other interesting compounds.
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 188
    Age: 21
    Bodyfat: 8%
    General Strength guidelines
    Incline Bench 235x6
    Weighted Dips 145x7
    Weighted Pullups 40x5
    Deadlift 355x5
    ATF Squats Variable but have hit 385x5

    3mg for first 3-5 days, followed by 2mg up until three weeks. After 3 weeks, will do nolva for 3 weeks PCT with possibly the addition of topical or oral 6-oxo.
    Whey Isolate/Conc
    Night mix from PC
    ALCAR 2g/d
    Piracatem ~5g a day.
    r-ala 600mg

    Lifting split varies between a 3 and four day split. Push, Pull, and Legs/abs with sometimes a dynamic chest day added in. Cardio consists of 200m and 100m sprints and/or incline treadmill sprints and backpedaling on off days.
    First update will be later tonight, after my leg workout.

    This post is being copied on multiple boards, however my home site is If there are any questions I do not answer on any of the other boards, please repost on GM and I will reply.

  2. Looking forward to your log. Good luck!

  3. good luck scottyo

  4. good luck bro

  5. thanks all.

    Monday May 1st
    Weight: stable, maybe down from travelling all weekend
    Sides: none
    So far nothing much to report. Had a great legs workout, lifts were all up and energy level was good, but it was probably from taking the weekend off. I added a little grapefruit juice, and might do that sporadically from time to time to increase absorbtion. Tomorrow will be HIIT cardio.

  6. haha I'm also drinking grapefruit juice to help absorption. I haven't noticed a difference yet though.

  7. Tuesday March 2nd Update
    Weight: same or down a pound from cycling off creatine
    sides: none
    Little to report today. It is still to early to notice anything either good or bad. Did a HIIT cardio session and felt good despite sore legs, but nothing out of the ordinary.

  8. Wednesday March 3rd
    Weight: 188
    Sides: none

    Well, it is still early, and working out in a different gym made my lifts/excercises a bit off. Thus it is hard to tell if anything has changed much. I did pump out 150lbs on the weighted dips for a couple sets, and my military press was up a bit but nothing much. As for sides, I have not noticed even the slightest change, whereas M1T gave me minor cramps right away. Tomorrow will just be a HIIT cardio day, so I won't know much other than weight then. Also, starting tomorrow I am dropping the dose from 3mg to 2mg as I originally planned.

  9. Thursday March 4th
    Weight: no change
    Sides: Still none

    Still have yet to notice anything significant either good or bad from the Mdien. At one point I looked a bit harder and fuller, but was probably just in my head. Measurements and weight are the same. I did a HIIT cardio session again, and was happy to report that the mdien did not negatively affect that like M1T did later in my cycle. By this time on M1T I was already gaining a few pounds, so hopefully this will show noticeable results soon.

  10. Good to hear that about the cardio. M1T and cardio were awful for me, I had to stop all cardio because I couldn't deal with my calves throbbing so painfully.

  11. Ya...I had similar problems with M1T as well as tren. However, it only happened later on during M1T and as it is still early on the Mdien, the verdict is still out. Also, weight gains on M1T as well as strength are not as apparent so far...although I did initially stack the M1T and M5AA so that could account for some.

  12. Sunday March 7th
    Weight: same
    Sides: increased energy, sex drive up a bit, nothing negative

    Well, I am getting a little more acne, and the sex drive is up which is a surprise. I have not posted in a few days, as I have yet to really notice anything tangible. Workouts are progressing well, but nothing different yet. Hopefully stuff will be hitting high gear by monday's leg session.

  13. Monday March 8th
    Weight: 190
    Sides: some cramping, slight headache, stomache issues (could be unrelated)
    Well, after a relatively unnoticeable first week, I had a few talks with sledghmr and made a few dosage tweaks. Whatever the reason, tonight might possibly be the most "pumped" leg workout of my life. Usually when I do heavy 4-6 reps, I don't get any pumps in my quads, however they are really sore the next few days. Tonight my legs were exploding. My quads were on fire up until the moment I went to sleep, hours later, while my calves and hammy's were pumped the whole walk home from the gym. While the pumps were tren like, the strength gains have yet to become significant, but I now am becoming a believer. My weight is up, and while I don't live for the pump, its good to know when you can feel something working.
    Tuesday March 9th
    Weight: 190
    Sides: increased libido and energy, headache, continuing stomache, slight "brain funk"
    Well, I thought my legs would be dead after how they felt last night and how my workout went. Yet surprisingly, the DOMS was extremely mild. In fact my normal tuesday HIIT cardio session is a bitch, but today I had to force myself to stop and not go overboard. While I love the energy and libido increase, Im noticing what I would call a "brain funk". Just seem a bit distracted, or out of it. Could just be in my head or due to other factors, but its something I have noticed today and a bit yesterday. The real test will be tomorrow's chest, tri and shoulder workout.

  14. what's the new improved dose you're using scottyo?

  15. around 3.5 to 4ml. Dosing can't be exact, although I am using a 1ml dropper from LR. The pumps have definetly arrived, but strength still is nothing special. Less than the M1T/M5AA though its unfair to compare since M5AA is used primarily for strength.

  16. i just started m5aa 2 days ago, i am liking it so far. it feels like fatigue just has no effect on me? it's weird.

  17. ya, thats why I loved it with the M1T.

  18. Wednesday March 10th
    Weight: steady at 190
    Sides: nothing new
    Well, today's workout went very well, although my strength wasnt up as much as I hoped. However, my energy and stamina in the gym, as well as the pumps were very solid. I upped my incline a bit, but nothing overly significant. I was really happy to get 150x4 on dips after a few heavy sets. Also, my triceps were especially strong after doing chest and shoulders.

    Thursday March 11th
    Weight: same
    Sides: same
    Well, not much to report on another HIIT cardio day. Had great energy with the mdien, chocamine and ALCAR pre-cardio, and the pumps were nothing to detrimental to my incline sprints. Did a few sets of speed ropes after my normal cardio, and once again had to hold myself back from going overboard. Whatever the effectiveness of the mdien, it definetly gives test like attitude boosts at least for me. General well being, energy, and quicker recuperation.

  19. Scottyo...

    Are you noticing a change in body composition? I ask b/c your weight gain is minimal but you are also doing a fair amount of cardio so maybe you have gained LBM but lost fat also.

  20. Size, while some of that may be going on, and I know it is...the changes so far have not been too noticeable. Also, I regularly do a fair amount of cardio, and even doing the same or more I put on 10 lbs or so with the M1T. I just compensate with added calories, and make my HIIT disticntly interval sprint training, rather then any longer duration bouts.

  21. Thanks, here's the latest updates...and they are very pleasing.

    Friday March 12th
    Weight: did not weigh in today
    Sides: slight headache, cramps, ridiculous pumps

    Well, the strength has started to go up steadily, but not by leaps and bounds. I did not get a chance to weigh myself today but I am almost certain I am up a bit. I look and feel very full, and after a very solid PULL workout, PRing on Dead, my arms and back were pumped all night long. Hell, it was 2 am and they still felt and looked extremely vascular, and I had worked out at around 3 and had taken a nap. So, the pump on mdien is nothing to joke about. Energy was a little off today due to poor sleep (have mild sleep apnea), but when I got to the gym everything kicked into gear. I think everything has been adjusted and figured out, and I am expecting the next week to be all that mdien was made out to be. Due to the slight inconsistencies and differences I have had, I would not use my dosing as any real indicator of the efficacy of mdien...and I will add more of this when I conclude this log.
    Also, tomorrow is purely a rest day, so I will not update until Sunday's dynamic bench and HIIT cardio.

  22. Just sounds like it takes a little while to kick in compared to M1T. I actually think thats better.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    Just sounds like it takes a little while to kick in compared to M1T. I actually think thats better.
    I'd agree. Also, there were a few issues regarding dosing that I don't really want to bring up just yet here. If your curious drop me a PM.

  24. I am now on day like 15 or 16 at 2mg a day and definetly see a difference. Just a few days ago I thought the m-dien was not very good. I also love that I can eat like a pig and I don't seem to be gaining any noticeable fat.

  25. Sunday March 14th
    Weight: 191
    Sides: acne on shoulders and back, otherwise same
    The mdien has definetly kicked in full force. Just like friday's workout, the pumps were ridiculous and I was doing a dynamic chest day only, plus HIIT. The cardio session was a little tougher then normal. Seems a bit like tren with shortness of breath, but not nearly as harsh. Once again, the muscles stayed pump hours after the workout. Since it was a dynamic day, I can't really say if lifts went up, as I was working on neuro-muscular activation etc. etc. Felt really strong, although when I was doing the HIIT, besides some shortness of breath, I felt like my blood pressure was through the roof. I did pop 25mg of ephedrine HCL, but I have never felt like that before. Will keep an eye on it.

    Monday March 15th
    Weight: 191
    Sides: same, more shortness of breath
    Everything was up today. The strength is finally starting to come. Its the two week mark, and I am definetly seeing visible and noticeable gains in the gym, with very minimal sides. As its taken longer then expected, I am going to continue testing for another 2-4 weeks. My leg workout today was very solid. Like last monday's but much more intense and the strength was definetly there. I PR on front squats hitting 275x5 with still a little left in me. Then did 285 for a couple. Sitting here now I can still feel my quads twitching. Last couple days I give the mdien an A+. Even still, there is definetly more water retention then the M1T, but nothing like test, or 4ad, or even 4ad/1test combos like the old t1pro.


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