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  1. Longtom, give me a few days and I will report more on Body comp. I like to let the androgens completely clear and then decide.

    Actually propho, I did M1T/M5AA combo for about 2 weeks, followed by M1T solo for a bit longer. Got to experience them combined and then what it felt like on M1T alone. Comparing m-dien to the other two is really like comparing apples to oranges. They are different compounds with different properties. However, for short quick cycles I would probably say M1T, at least from my experience. Also, strength M1T/M5AA was pretty impressive, far and away better then M1T alone, with mdien as a third.
    Side effect wise, mdien was the by far the best. Very little negative, a lot of positive (energy libido etc all up).

  2. Thanks Scotty, looking foward to it. Hope your results were up to par....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by longtom74
    How about the body composition changes?
    Sorry its been a while. To briefly answer your question...Ive gotten together with family over this Easter break, and everyone agrees that I definetly look bigger then I did when they last saw me in the beginning of march. So take that for what its worth. Size remains the same PCT, as does strength....and I am the heaviest I have ever been, although I really can't see any real fat gain from the mdien. Maybe a little bloat from the creatine, but im pretty lean right now.

  4. Also just curious when you were taking M1T and M5AA did you lower the amount of M1T you took and also take less M5AA? I was thinking of doing an M1T cycle and only take M5AA preworkout .. just wondering if I would have to cut back on the amount of M1T and take a lower dose of M5AA..I am thinking of doing a total of 3 different substances.. M1T, M1,4ADD and M-Dien and on each of those do M5AA preworkout.. I got plenty of Nolva for PCT.. 4 bottles to be exact..

    Might start with M1,4ADD /w M5AA for maybe 3 weeks PCT then M1T /w M5aa for another 3 weeks and PCT then M-Dien /w M5aa for 3 weeks then PCT for a while and take a long break from PH's..

    My one concern was how was your libido while on M1T and M5aa .. I don't wanna be dead cuz my gurl will kill 4AD a necessity?

  5. 4AD was not necessary for me. I was up and ready to go with just the M5AA and M1T, but it did drop a bit (although not horribly) on the M1T.
    Dosing on the M1T and M5AA was 15mg each, and was taken every day.

    My advice on your cycle idea is to do 2 out of 3...i think all three mini cycles is being on for a long time, despite 3 week breaks. Just me, but i would do the 3 on, PCT, 3 on, then long or moderate PCT. Re-evaluate, and either do again or try the third compound.

  6. what did your weight and bodyfat end up at?

  7. dropped maybe one pound since end of cycle...if that. Bodyfat same or lower....need to caliper (dont have any with me where I am at right now).
    need to do a full write up...hopefully get to it in the next couple of days.


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